1. Ameachi you talk carelessly like a motor park boy,see who’s talking about sure p funds when you’ve not been able to pay Rivers state beneficiaries for 7 months of their stipends.

  2. Amaechi u are a big fool,when u raise alarm over missing $5b did u tell us that u had agreed to share $1b out of it?power drunk like u soon u will be in jail like Ibori idiot

  3. Amaechi , you’ve just proved to teeming Nigerians that your school boy rascality and cult days bragado is still with you , we thought you should have overgrown such garage dispositions. Look hear me, you will end up as Ibori, and that will mark the end of your political carrier . How on earth do you think you can rub shoulders with a serving President . Chibuike you’re too small . Would you have dared a military President ? All those your half baked illiterate colleague governors who merely passed TC2 will laugh @ you when the chips are down . You’re all rogues . God of the poor Nigerians wii judge all of you . Fools !


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