Anambra Guber: APC Is A Bad Loser – PDP

APC-PDPThe national leadership of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, yesterday, blamed the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the irregularities that led to the rescheduling of last Saturday’s governorship elections in Anambra State.

The ruling party also accused APC of using blackmail and propaganda to discredit the electoral process in Anambra election because it realized it was not going to win just as it alleged that the opposition party governors donated an unspecified sum of money to import thugs with the aim of causing confusion and mayhem in the Southeast state.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja on Monday at the end of an emergency meeting of the National Working Committee, NWC, PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, who urged APC to be good losers, said the collation of results so far point to the fact that the party’s candidate and the party itself was not popular in Anambra.

He added that whenever the opposition wins election, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, was hailed for doing a good job but whenever it loses election, the electoral umpire would then be condemned as not doing well.

Metuh said: “Whenever APC wins, INEC has done very well, when they are not winning in an election and when they are losing, INEC has compromised.

“The NWC has released a statement that INEC should try and resolve all genuine com-plaints while we enjoin them to disregard all pure propaganda deceit and falsehood”.

The PDP said while it awaits INEC to fix a date for the conclusion of the Anambra governorship election in the interest of the people of the state, genuine democracy and committed Nigerians, it wanted to alert Nigerians to the devious antics of the APC.

“We want to alert the entire nation of the antics of APC and their campaign on the use of the instrumentality of blackmail and propaganda to attempt to discredit the Anambra election as a way of creating doubts in the minds of Nigerians on the electoral system, especially having discovered that it was not practicable for APC to win the confidence of Nigerians in electoral victories.

“In Ondo State, we had an election where APC came third. In the Delta re-run, we had an election and APC came fourth. In Anambra, from the result released so far, APC is coming third, but they want to discredit the entire process.

“In the last three days before the election, APC attempted to import thugs into Anambra to manipulate the election and alter the course of the election, but they were apprehended by security forces.”

Metuh, who noted that the party had directed its members to continue to rally round its candidate, Mr. Tony Nwoye, for the election, commended him (Nwoye) for putting up a good showing at the polls in less than two weeks of his campaign; an indication that PDP was the preferred party of the people of Anambra.

He lamented the court cases in the build up to the nomination of the party’s flag-bearer for the governorship elections, saying it scuttled the party’s chance of winning the polls with a landslide.


  1. A learned fool is more a fool than an ignorant fool…. I
    am really baffled on whether to conclude that Tony
    Nwoye is a fool, or has been fooled by his Party. From
    the inception, PDP hierarchy already settled for APGA
    candidate in consolidation of their unholy alliance….
    and the Party Secretariat in order to have its way,
    influenced through their henchmen in Judiciary the
    emergence of naive Nwoye against recalcitrant
    candidate like Andy Uba who would have frustrated
    any plan to surrender his support base to APGA…
    APGA is an unholy ally of PDP but the Party ( APGA)
    followers will realize the degree of slavery they have
    sold themselves after the exit of GEJ … From the
    illusive gibberish narrated by this inconsistent Jabber
    and irredeemable glutton called Olisa Metuh, I
    guessed he wished to be seen as saying something
    very sensible to goons and old berks like him and his
    senile Party leaders, but knew not how to craftily
    package it….
    He keep fooling himself and his fatherland only
    because of porridge. A liar knows that he is a liar, but
    one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to
    deceive others is a craftsman of destruction…. Olisa
    Mental is an example of those category of unpatriotic
    While I also know that APC is a master of scientific
    rigging in their respective states, what transpired in
    Anambra was a travesty of Justice. Let someone ask
    Olisa Mental if APC is the only complainant calling for
    the cancellation? and Why singling out only APC in
    his attack? This confirmed a predetermined agenda.
    As long as we have dishonorable men like Olisa
    Metuh in the system, who are always ready to sell
    their father land for a worthless price, Nigeria may
    never get it right unless a wind of bloody change
    blows these analogue leaders away…
    All the best.

  2. Good morning Sali, in as much as I understand your grudge, I think your manner of presentation was wrong. For heaven’s sake we should learn to be polite when airing our view especially in the public. U can’t possibly be referring to someone as a fool! Where is our sense of decorum? Please, make your point without throwing tantrums.
    On the issue at hand, I think it is absolutely wrong for Metuh to begin to talk as if its only the APC that has complained of the irregularities that characterized the Anambra election. I listened to Your Views on TVC yesterday and the political analyst that was invited complained bitterly too. Many callers into the show also registered their displeasure over the way INEC conducted the election. So if that is the general believe, I think Mr. Jega should live up to his integrity, so that 2015 elections will not be a doom.

  3. PDP prefer APGA 2 win bcos knw dt APC is their greatest oppositn party,so if APC win anambra nd PDP is goin 2 lose there.jega remember d day u wil account 4 wat u did infront of ALLAH 4 wat u did where nobody wil help u out nd a word is enough 4 a d solutn is resign nd confess 2 nigerian so Allah wil 4giv u.

  4. If the election of one state in nigeria is taking 3days to be done with wht will happen wen general electn comes inec need to be restructured nw b4 it get out of hand

  5. well,,you all are right in ur own angle of view…but dnt you tink dat it has been a normal thing for political looser to admit in nigeria..elites and well meaning anambraians knw that ngige is just in a quest for power,he had the blood of APC flowing in him by always trying to corrupt people’s mind with aligations and logic..he based on what he did before while many judged him from what he did since he took over senatorial seat..HE DID NOTHING..he thought he had support nt knwing that those okada riders and market women echoeing onwa had no VOTERS CARD…ubah of LP also made this kind of mistake by sharing kerosene and fuel to this category of people…let them nt be surprise!!!

  6. @Sali Owuda: you chooses to be clown for no just reason. Election has been contested and won, all we expect is looser to concede defeat and winner be magnanimous in victory.Olisa Metu spoke as a spokeman of a party and not speaking his view, PDP has conceded defeat while APC is blowing hot as if it has the monopoly of rigging election. We must come to terms with the fact that, all the party that contested try to outsmart others and once a party carry the day no one should should try to bring confusion.

  7. I am not surprised at the insultive and not so mature way Sali Owuda has expressed his opinion. In as much as I appreciate Mr. Metuh opinion, it is nothing but the view of his political party whose spokesperson he is.

    I think it is heart warming to see a political party concede defeat for whatever reason (though I totally disagree that they planned to lose to APGA). If the PDP have had the kind of opportunity offered to other political parties to campaign and sell its relatively uknown candidate, the result may have been different. However, anybody can still win this election, because the number of votes at stake makes it possible for any of the parties to clinch it. But then some of the political parties are already making the mistake of antagonising the Anambra electorate and so may already have lost the election with their attitude. INEC did a beautiful job, even owning up to having problems from its staff which led to the amount of irregularities recorded. Now do we blame INEC that a candidate bribed a staff of the commission? I will say NO. The only way we could have blamed INEC would have been if they had insisted on declaring a winner in spite of obvious problems with the process. My take is let everybody go back to the drawing board and try to convince enough people to come out and vote for them and let’s have peace


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