Ask the Guys: Do Men Care About Women’s Shoes?

173807805 (2)To be honest, out of everything a woman is wearing, the last item guys probably look at are her shoes. I know that the shoes a man wears is very important to women, but sometimes guys go entire days without even really looking down at your feet. On top of that, we can’t really even keep track of what all the different styles of shoes are called. So if you ask us if you should wear your Mary Janes or your Kitten heels tonight, we’ll really have no idea what any of that means and we’ll probably just respond with “Yes.”

It really comes down to what you think looks good on your feet and more importantly what you’re most comfortable in. We covered this issue a bit when we were asked how we feel about women changing out of their high heels and into flats at the end of the night. Women tend to forgo being comfortable in order to wear a specific style of shoe, which we appreciate and understand, but overall we’d really prefer to not let a night out be ruined by constant reminders that blisters are forming with each step we take.



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