ASUU Postpones NEC Meeting Over Iyayi’s Death

Prof Iyayi
Prof Iyayi

The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has postponed its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, which was supposed to hold today, due to the loss of one of the prominent members of the union, Professor Festus Iyayi, who died in an auto crash on Lokoja-Abuja Expressway, on his way to the Kano, yesterday, for the union’s meeting.

The decision to call off or continue the four months old strike embarked upon by the University lecturers was expected to be made at the meeting which would have held today but for Iyayi’s death.

The union called for the meeting after fresh negotiations with the president, where the government was said to have shown commitment to ending the strike by improving on earlier offers.

The meeting will now hold on date to be communicated to members later.


  1. Na GoD go punish all of u calld asuu many student died during ur so call rattle strike btw u and FG now because on one professor u de postpone meetn I don’t blame u, u merit public hierachy than self attitude

  2. God is up there watching us all. Asuu says the strike is for the go of the nation now tell me how does this unwarantted postponment benefit the nation Nigeria. This attitude of them goes a long way to show they are less patriotic than they seem and deserve no sympathy from the public. In the course of this strike a lot of student have died and none of this so called lecturers did anything now that their own is dead they have decided to hold the nation to ransom. God is watching oooooo. I call on the president of this nation Goodluck Ebele Jonathen to disbanned ASUU and the universities open with immediate effect and any lecturer who wish to ignore the presidential order should be sack as they are a lot of nigerians out there looking for this Jobs. ASUU members you are all hypocrites and good for nothing. You all deserve to be sacked and jailed as you have decided not to move nigeria forward by your scandalous decisions which is anti-gov and anti-democratic. This is treason. President Goodluck please use your office to send ASUU packing n disbanded.

  3. For every struggle,a soul must lost. We student re counting on our lost even both material nd human resources were lost. So dat is ur own share of d lost. why postponement of d overdue meeting which millions of student nd people who feed from student have been waiting for. Mind you, u risk another means of traveling for d schedule date. u shld no dis is an urgent situation, no matter what….

  4. Of what advantage is dis strike now? Prof Iyayi is no more, some Nigerian students are no more, the National Welfare secertary is hospitalized now and so many dangeriuos things dat has happened, pls Dr Fagge u have to accept President Gudluck’s offer now, and watch if he will stand by his words, there’s no way strike can be avoided in d country,suspend d strike first make person for know watin he/she go do o

  5. What is wrong with this fucking ASUU of this nation, his dealth hold meaning but not in this regard, we hv lost somany of our student bcos of dis strikeand non of u show no concern. Why are u people delaying d destiny of this generation. Am so pist of by the way of dis ASUU way of thinking, I thought u people are intellectuals

  6. God of vengeance will avenge for Nigeria students if asuu does not call of this strike they will face more death among all the members.

  7. Postponing de meeting will only lead 2 de death of another asuu member which may be the current president.
    If not 4 so called useless meeting he wouldn’t have died. God has started judging and punishing. The wicked shall not go unpunished.
    Many student have loose their life asuu did nothing about it but dy are postponing a meeting bc of death of their member. God punish all of una there. Una no go c beta 4 una life. Pikin wey say ehn mama no go sleep ehn ma no go sleep.

  8. a student in one of the universities died on her way home as a result of the VC’s directive for all students to vacate the hostels…in the same school, 5 more students died during this struggle. When even presidents die, work still go on…. Asuu shd pls accept students condolences and move on….

    They never came out to express their own condolences to our mates that died o….those pple had many more years ahead of them but cut short by their struggle

    ABEG CALL-OFF strike and later mourn

  9. May prof.lyayi’s soul rest in peace.ASUU should have not called off the meeting,even if they have to,it should be at least a day and plan how to give him a befitting burial and if possible immortalise his name.The students should have been of great paramount becauase it is their concern they are fighing for and up till this moment,no one is aware of the number of students lost during this striking period,knowing very well,no students no lecturers and no ASUU.GOD will see us through.

  10. segunI wonder why students keeps blaming ASSU for the ongoing strike when the FG is the main cause of it. Nigerian graduate with thei half baked education can not offer any positive thing to the development of this country. please let ASSU fight this stru

    I wonder why students keeps blaming ASSU for the ongoing strike when the FG is the main cause of it. Nigerian graduate with thei half baked education can not offer any positive thing to the development of this country. please let ASSU fight this struggle once and for all. it is for the betterment and advancement of Nigeria.

  11. well to prof iyayi death, may his soul rest in perfect peace. to fage and other asuu member,i think this has to teach them a big lesson that what ever we are doing in this word must has injustice; good or bad,no student is hapy about what is hapening nwn our life has been frustrated btw asuu and FG, my advice to both party is that they should repent, repent this is the time to reason and ask 4 4giveness from the god almighty if not more terrible death wil continue like this i reserve my other coment ASUU & FG repent

  12. He will surely go & give God the account of how he as used his talent here on earth. He was burried with his talent. When he supposed to be teaching the students in the class he was busy fighting for allowance & deceiving the students. God does not sleep & HE’S seen all of us from HIS THRONE.

  13. It is a great lose. May his soul R.I.P, but ASUU should not hav postponed d’ meeting’ no matter what.

    They should hav go on wit d meeting and feed d federal gov. Wit their verdicts, so that d federal gov. will respond instanta. Or if they are postponing, at least two days is ok. This evolved d future of Nigerian.

  14. I wonder y sum idiots re blamin asuu ova d pstpnmnt of d NEC meeting, is dia any grrntee dat d strike will b call off after d meetng self????… I neva blame dem bt d idiot we all call our president, coz if he had meet asuu b4 dis tym tinz would hve been solved, nao he is doing d ryt tin @d wwrong time

  15. I knw dis is whr it will result to, nw I see dat dis people calld asuu are heartless, d way dey treat us in skul dats wot u pipu r seeing here ooo, dey r old fools cos dey shld reason dat anoder travelling has to be made after dis, so we student shld shld wait as long as dey r read….wot kind of country is dis whr every body just uses is position to oppress d less priveledged…Asuu dis is unfair to be sincere, d spirit of student r nt praying for u at all cos we dnt deserve it..consider d life of student wic has gone too…Dis bad pipu r really toying wit student life..fuck al’ya

  16. Stupid people.,Asuu all of una stupid n foolish.e no go beta 4 una n God will continue 2 punish all of u o. Imagine how can d death of 1 person decide d faith of millions of people eh. Dis is pure wickedness,it shows dat dis strike is d doing of Asuu demselves.they don’t wanna call of dis strike @all d fault is 4rm jaree n I just hope dat d people blaming Fg will wake up n see dat dis strike is d doing of asuu.dey are not fighting 4 d Nigerian students o,na dem pockets dem dey fight 4. Becoz 1 person die dem con change mouth. Lemme even ask dem sef,wat’s our business o wen students dey die u people did not come out 2 say anything o so y una own go con concern n affect us. God will continue 2 punish Asuu abi una neva hear dis saying; No peace 4 d wicked.

  17. Thank u assu 4 d fight to fulfil promise.Next campaign all politicians must sighn all they promised to provide for the masses or they face rejection during polls.

  18. why are people blaming ASUU for governments irresponsibility? if we indeed have a reasonable government shouldn’t education be properly funded..we really have half baked student with empty heads.

  19. May God purnish every individual against calling off d strike,assu una don do mad,sey na only una need money for dis country ni,if all unit go on strike like una how will dis country move forward…awon oloriburuku..dem just make person stagnant sha.we

  20. ASUU, make sure you hand over Prof. Iyayi’s allowances and other benefits to him ooo or use it to sponsor the school fees of the less privileged ones, because he fought for it till the last blood in him even to death. Who knows whose turn among you so called ASUU. Instead of fighting on how to best eqip yourselves on researches, teaching techniques and others, you abandoned the future leaders enstruted to your care to train but busy fighting for earned allowances “awon ole olojukokoro”. It’s better you come to your senses, apologise to all Nigerian students of public universities for wasting their time thus far without any reason. Now, see what your egoism has coursed the Nation. Many students have died out of frustrations of the strike; some turned armed robbers; some prostitutes and to crown it all the death of Prof. Iyayi untimely. The hand writing is clear on the wall that God is not in support of what you are doing – see the end result now. In your own interest, it better you call off your strike action because it has aleady lost its national sympathy and value. May the soul of the departed ones on the ASUU rest in peace. God bless Nigeria, God bless Nigeria Public University students.

  21. Mike, you are a fool for saying we have half baked students with empty heads, how dare you harrassed my students that way, you yourself what do you know “olori buruku omo si, ode, olodo, mumu”. Whether your papa be ASUU chairman or NEC president, wetin concerns you – idiot!

  22. It’s highly irresponsible and highly disgraceful for such a thing as suspending strikes like this indefinitely.They just can’t hold everyone ransom, nemesis isn’t asleep. We have been distabilised as students and some day all students would go on strike and force them not to teach. Nonsense, He have signed up for this and his death was inevitable, let them send someone else.

  23. Honourable Asuu n federal Gov,t was it that our teachers lied to us abt being d leaders of tomorrow,is this how leaders are raised?FG we look up to U.ASUU we Are waiting oooo

  24. we dnt hav a president datz jst it. . 4 all I knw obj is better dan d so called. goodluck. .. d strike is nt affecting any of dem bcos neigther of dia children studies in nigeria.. I wish dey cn cum and see wit their eyes wat dis strike has caused in some enviroment, it has turned some girls to prostitude why some boys are nw gud criminals claming dat they are on street.. tell me why a president shuld allow d children he claims to love so much to waisting after u guyz will tell me dat he is nt der 4 his own personal interest or does it mean dat our so called giant of africa nigeria can nt pay d amount dat asuu is asking 4 cos I knw we hav more dan dat..

  25. The postponement of the nec meeting cos of iyayi Death shows asuu is figthing for theirselves not to better versity. Student have lost their life cos of strike mr so called chairman of asuu didn’t put it on media or say dat bcos of d lost of student will hear by call the strike off but they’ve lost iyayi n he said meeting is postpone. And they said for the betterment of nigeria student. God will see us tru. But make asuu no let fight burst out cos more people go lost their live.

  26. Asuu, I do not think you know how this so called strike has affected so many students’ life….. Do unto other what you can do to your children.

  27. Asuu, I do not think you know how this so called strike has affected so many students’ life….. Do unto others what you can do to your children.

  28. They will al die one by one,,bcos the soul dat sinnet shal die,,,many students have lossed their lives in the process of dis strike,,,in my skul am sure of 5 students dat have lossed there lives when travelling to there previous homes,,,dis are my close friends,,i can see dem no more,,wen dey died,,asuu did not shift ground,,,but nw they have indefinitely postponded de faith of nigerian students nationwide bcos of one man,,,who i kw is against de calling off(uniben),,,,deve seen nothing,,,lets embark on massive prayer,,we dnt need just one to go,,,,,may dey die 20 by 20

  29. asuu is not to be blame, fg is suppose to be blame, wen senate presidenent is collecting #250000 for food allowance per week and fg is not ready to pay asuu fee, as for me i think asuu is right

  30. Dis is just d begining of death of wicked souls which did not allow dis fresh generation 2 rise, some people just open dier big mouths and said student should not blame asuu over d strike, everybody knw how commited d FG is, after all dis a developing country…Postponing d meeting is a trap 4 more death…{angry}

  31. its so painful that other country’s are even praying for more time cos time is not even enough for them to achieve and improve their educational sector while we are here wasting d lifes of our young and freshd talented folks out ther via strike delaying their goals and aspiration aswell involving them in one or two risky work out ther cos they never love to be idle…It’s well


  33. ASUU postpone exco meeting till jan 15 next year because they lost a prominent member. If by jan 15,they lost another prominent member,meeting will be postpone till Dec15,2014.Good ASUU contd afterall your children are in private schools where you all engage in pp. For you uncle JOE,contd sleeping.

  34. With less issues left to be addressed about the lingering Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU)strike, it wouldn’t be fair to say that FG isn’t making any progress to end the self-imposed artificial academic disaster because they’ve done what is unexpeccted of them in the strive to ensure that Nigerian students do not become outrightly blurred while at home. I pray that God accepts the soul of late Professor Festus Iyayi.

  35. Asuu and FG! If you dnt call dis strike dis november,there will be more death. Bcs of ur stupid and unrealistic ambition u delayed my NYSC service for another 4months and now u want to postpone nec meeting again?it wount work. You are all politicians,and lets wait and see what you wil use the money to do. RUBBISH

  36. GOD will save us all frm our wicked elders senate president said “d young r gud d elders r bad”may God not make dem succeed n changing 2 bad apples. As 4 d strike God will take control no matter wat dey do we stdents will make it


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