ASUU STRIKE: Nigerian Universities To Open Next Week With Or Without ASUU

In a last ditch effort to resolve the ASUU strike, President Goodluck Jonathan will on Monday, November 4, meet with the leadership of ASUU at the Presidential Villa.


This was part of the resolutions of the meeting between the ASUU leadership, Vice President Namadi Sambo and the Supervising Minister of Education on Tuesday as was first reported by this medium.

An official of the Vice President’s office who pleaded anonymity said that all hands are now on deck to ensure that the universities resume next week.


The official stated that the Vice President and the Supervising Minister of Education have made head-way in resolving the strike, but the final involvement of the President is to show ASUU that there is the commitment of the Federal Government at the highest level.

It was learnt that the President has been fully briefed on steps taken by Vice President Namadi Sambo and the Supervising Minister of Education to get to this point and he will at next Monday’s meeting present to the ASUU leadership the administration’s last concession for them to call off the prolonged strike.

A source at the Presidential Villa noted that if ASUU fails to call off, the Federal Government will then resort to plan B, which will be to compulsorily open the universities, using the instrumentality of the governing councils and the school managements.

Already, most of the governing councils of the universities have started meeting to work out modalities for the compulsory re-opening of the universities should ASUU fail to honour the personal request of President Jonathan.

According to report, the Supervising Minister of Education, Barr. Nyesom Wike and the Vice Chancellors of Public Universities also discussed the re-opening of the schools last Monday. Most of the Vice Chancellors suggested the compulsory re-opening of the schools, should the last ditch efforts fail.

It was gathered that security report available to the Presidency may have necessitated this line of action to salvage the universities system from the direction it is facing at present.

Source: The Nigerian Voice


  1. Am curious to see all this things dat ar written down here happn it will be funny buh i pray we resume nxt week weda forcefully or ASUU acceptin dere offer

  2. Asuu are only deciving themselves. You can not keep the student at home and say u are fighthing for d interest of d student when d student are suffering by increasing d number of years spent in d university. The vice chancellors and management would have come up with this idea since. We are watching.

  3. our leaders are not helping matters, why can’t they build the Nigeria university system to its best after their free education at the past.

  4. ASUU is only selfish. They have refused to consider the effects of their actions on the students.
    Jonathan was once a lecturer and he definitely knows the best for ASUU and students but ASUU is being unreasonably pig-headed.

  5. one day, the working class will revolt against the leadership of the system and it will bring about a social change of to everyone according to his need and strength…… and they will say!! Now that we’re free, let us administer this for the benefit of the people in outright justice and fairness

  6. That is what the president should have done imediately when d strike started, but why did he allow it to linger until now? And now he wants to play the hero…. This is nothing but propaganda driven politics!

  7. ASUU is very selfish. ASUU is requesting for social luxury which is not a right. Students have paid school fees for a session and that means they have paid for a service already which has given them a right to attend lectures and yet the lecturers are not giving them services they have already paid for. ASUU is owing students, rather, they are fighting govt who is not owing them. SMH. As a matter of fact students should sue ASUU, afterall universities run as corporate institutes. Its just because GEJ is tolerant that’s why they are getting away with this nonsense act called ASUU STRIKE.

  8. ASUU or whatever are over selfish..and greed is eating them up..they forgot that Nigeria is a developing nation n can not meet their John-Doe or lofty demands when they have other sector like power and energy to look upon..they should foolishly call off the strike and let our children return to school..rather spending a ‘boredom’ life at home doing nothing but walking about.

  9. When two elephants are fighting, it is the grasses that are suffering.
    We are watching but mind you, one full semester is gone, our expectation is mass promotion for every students.

  10. Hmmmmm……force re-OPENIng is not d best move….what is FGs plan after forcefully reopening?…..should studnts go back to class rooms with out lecturers to lecture em…..i’m very curious to d out come…

  11. it is obvious dat some persons dat have commented are not students of any versity nd as such has made poor judgment. Alas I have seen dis lecturers within nd outside d classrooms nd I can say with much conviction dat dis ppl hav little or no passion for lecturing or groomin d students. therefor their motives are questionable. morealso a 500billion project is one dat cannot be executed in d next4 to 5yrs and u are requestin for 100% payment. most contracts are awarded wit25% start up fund and as work progresses anoda25% until completion. So it is wisdom on d part of FG to start up wit 100billion nd pay off installmentally.. therefor ASUU has faulted again on dis basis. dey shuld be sincere first in d classrooms before fightin a selfish course. Abi na lie I talk?

  12. Hope am not dreaming eh. Pls let dis not be a scarm oh, let it jst happen either forcefully or based on agreement Between asuu and fg. Abeg oooooo

  13. The federal Government act decisively on this, we all are in support of this, if the asuu or akam, or Odok or whatever they call themselves re not reasonable enough to accept the fg offer, it is time for them to know that an employee can never be too powerful than his/her employer. Ps we want the universities open, we want to leave our homes and go back to school. We have bn at home idle for too long, one cannot even get a job of 10k to do, now I understand what frustration can cause, I don’t know if to pity or blame those who takes to crime. Pls Your Excellency use your power, resources or whatever the occasion demand and help us, we re frustrated, confuse, demoralized, we don’t even know what to think or the actions to take. We can’t bear it anymore.

  14. wat are dos leturers even leturing sm will lture two times in a semester sn will not eve showup @all yet d are demanding such amount of money in d name of helping d institutions wen u dont even leture as u are requied to is it wen ur given such amount of money dat u will leture as u are requed b4 it was increase rtirmen age wich d fg did dis ppl are jus gridy

  15. If the Federal Republic of Nigeria headed by Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwa Jonathan should version carry out there so-called plan B as they said, that means, the is no ‘rule of law’ in Nigeria.
    Don’t you selfishly and arrogantly dair to Disenfranchised The Fundamental Human Right of anybody bcos of self desires.
    Nigeria Government should stop the mentality of ‘Promise and Fail’ attitude and leave a good legacy behind for the ‘Leader’s of tomorrow to copy from.

  16. Our government is very selfish that is why they are talkin useless thing bcus none of their children study in Nigeria that is why they cnt solve the asun since 4month nw

    I salute the Federal Republic of ‘National Association of Nigerian Students’ (NANS).
    Just a quick reminder Great Students.
    It happened to me on Tuesday this week and i met with one DELSU-WHITE student studying MEDICINE 400 level and i ask her:
    what are your takes in the ASUU strikes for over months now?
    She Spoke: to me, I’ll encourage ASUU to continue the strikes, that; the Federal Government should come to their already signed agreement ( ASUU n FG ). Until ASUU get what they need; they shouldn’t by any mis call off strikes.
    One benefit of ASUU strikes is for the Nigeria University Students to get their monthly entitlement of ( #30,000 ) to all students in the country.
    Don’t let those desperate politicians to disenfranchised your fundamental human right.
    Don’t sell your right, in order for you not to sell by your right.
    BE WISE!

  18. This is a good move by the fed gov,Asuu is very selfish even if their request is met there will be no oblivous change in the universities cos they will enrich themselves

  19. anticipated half baked graduat accordng to you tnk is jst go bak sch.all dis third class party monger students mumuss .go bak to sch oooo

  20. ASUU:
    There are some critical issues in which you’re in condition of “no choice” than to be overlooked, overlooking at it is regardless that you’re a Fool but for peace to reign.

  21. d truth of d matter abt asuu strike is dat FG no dey try.& asuu con stupidly dey follow sector in naija wey mk sense but still we dey survive.two wrongs can never mk a right.talking abt asuu, r dey not lecturers which I know very well( lazy pple).dem just dey use students as ransom for dia own selfish gain.dey ve caused a lot of delay in pples destinies.dey ll never succeed in dia plan.a criminal always suspects d moves of others, cos FG r criminals I tink dats d reason dey suspect Asuu ll scandal d fund meant for d universities if it is release.

  22. u ppl ar syin dt assu ar slfsh nd grdy bt u guys hv fogtn d mos slfsh nd grdy part of d govmnt I.e d legstilatv.som of dm ar jox scondry drop out hu gt d opoturnity to b in to pollitcs bt rcive grta dn a u guys shuld tnk oda wise….fo d forceful opnin d question is dat hu wl lecture d studnt….nd afta d assu issue assup ar waitin fo dr own Grt NJA STUDNT its tym we kip on pryin.


  24. do u need #500billion 2 change dat same note u’ve bn using since 1980’s??…Do not be fooled 2 think dat ASUU has d interest of students at heart…dats d biggest joke of d millennium

  25. useless greedy lecturers! Asuu is useless and should be suspended from operations or banned completely. Selfish fools- they sort course, take bribe, abuse female students, use one lecture note for 20yrs, don’t even come to school if they do, once in a semester, fail some students unnecessarily, sell handouts n useless books, teach nonsense in class, ask for 1.5 trillion naira, go on strike, lecture private schools and collect money, send their children abroad and us home, grant admissions to their candidates , refuse to teach us even when we have paid them,…… Thunder, amadioha, volcanoes, fire all asuu members starting from nasir fagge. Useless idiots. FG reopen our schools if any lecturer fails to resume after collecting their salaries within 2wks should be fired!!! A lot of graduate are jobless thanks to their 70yrs retirement age. Uturu gbagbukwa ha ncha!

  26. i think d ongoing asuu strike has affected million students.asuu even as they are tryin to uphold d spirit of camaraderie should understand d tremendous social vices d strike has caused and think of their beloved students by wholeheartedly puttin an end to its industrial action come on monday.

  27. Those of us that schooled in d early 90s will forever remain indebted to ASUU for coming to the rescue of the younger generation! There was not a single PC in a department so called Mathematics and Computer Science. ASUU struggle made TETfund possible. I am sure things will be much better if FG listens! The probability of a Judas in any twelve is 1/12. Make we encourage GEJ to do the right thing, a beg joo! HUGE INVESTMENT IN EDUCATION WILL PROPEL ALL OTHER SECTORS.

  28. Dz z a beta mov by FG…dough d strkin action helped me as individual 2 gain admision ds yr…. D borne of contention here z dat, d lingad action shld end finaly.. I op 4 good resot nxt wk..also letz also pray ahead….

  29. Forceful opening nke… I dnt knw if the vice president official officials on asuu strike, minister of edu or the president himself wil teach the studnt when all d lecturers are involved… Oh god chose the best for us

  30. Many atimes i laugh at de comments of some of my fellow students. ASUU is selfish right? Bt FG signed de agrmnt. The truth of de mata is dat, let us wait and see come monday. I tell u de truth, if u have been pouring ur infeelings abt de strike on social media den, u have not seen anything yet. ASUU is ready to fight to de finish. I stay wit an asuu member in de house and i do read abt dere meetings anitime he comes bak wit an outcome paper at de meeting. So my frnds, dey are saying dat, dey are able to fight to de finish. It is only God dat can save us.

  31. The problem about Nigeria and Nigerians is the trade of blames culture. How do you justify grounding the same sector which you claim to re-vatalise for 4whole months without cracking your brains for alternative measures?
    ASUU is a so-called union of intellectuals, why not brain-storm and think up more result-oriented actions than ‘industrial-strikes’? Why has ASUU turned the education sector into an industry? What has happend to the maintenance culture of the governing councils and VCs of each federal universities? What happens to the funds donated by private individuals and even organisations to these universities? Why doesn’t each university publish its revenues and expenditure on the nations dailies for justification?

    Nothing can come out of more funds pumped into the education sector if there isn’t a maintainance culture. ASUU is fighting a good struggle but their motives are clouded. Why find faults in Politicians when you begin to act like them and trade lies on the media.

    Is ASUU more important than the lives of men and women of the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy and Police who risk their lives on a daily basis to defend our lives and properties on an income of less than N60,000 monthly?. This isn’t up to half of what a lecturer makes asides his salary while selling copied hand-outs to unsuspecting students. Where is the love for our nation?
    Time to end the strike is now!

    God Bless Nigeria!

  32. I believe ASUU is just being irresponsible,unrealistic,barbaric,selfish,pigheaded and unreasonable in their demand.Afterall the bunch of so called lecturers that made-up ASUU are old cargos who cannot carryout any current research becos most of them only depend on research work they carried-out in the 70s.So they all have nothing to offer than to constitute themselves into national nuisances.Both federal and state goverment should source for brilliant and responsible younger generations that are ready to work.GOD BLESS NIGERIA

  33. Hahhahhah…uselesss fools. In my opininion i tink d studnt shld all join hands wif d assuu members so dat it will work out…in victory bcuz dis fg are nthn bt liers

  34. ASUU…. Please resume, remember that, this government is not after the masses, they are just after themselve and their own self-fish interest, they dont care, because their children are not in the public Universities, infact, most of them are happy with the on going Strike so that their children will graduate before us… Please we beg u all in the name of Allah to kindly accept what so ever they said they can affort for now…. and continue pleading with them to complete the remaining meanwhile the academic session is going on.. Thanks

  35. Pls,pls,pls my people am so so tired of what am seeing and I want to pour out my mind..come to unizik as a case study,they have several ways they generate fund for the school,the school has about 5-6 programs that they run and which attracts not less than 20,000 candidates,with a minimum individual expenditure of about #150,000 each for each programm,plus other funds realised from prominent individuals..chief Authur Eze donated buses and cash to unizik.but go to school garage and see where the buses are parked and students spend a sum of #200 each on transportation everyday to school.pls who is fooling who?..or are there no ASUU members in unizik?..if ASUU claim to fight for student’s sake,then why not clear the fight for justice within skuls before takn it to FG..ASUU claims that they fight for students..pls I wnt to ask..will nigerian university students have a share in the money ASUU is lookn for?..or is it not dia normal PDP(share d money equal)..they see our president as a quiet and gentle man,that’s why they do all this shits..let them try it with OBJ or many universities in africa are on strike,except in nigeria..pls ur excellency,mr president,I was told dt okro tree cannot outgrown the planter,so I beg u to dissolve ASUU,bcos its nw obvious that is a group with selfish interest..afterall in ghana and south africa,dia is notn lik ASUU nd dia university graduates are doin fyn..let universities use the money they get judiciously bcos hoping on FG for funding is wat maks dem mismanage d funds generated within the school..some loot and embezzle it..they know themselves.VC’s and co.


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