ASUU Strike: Rejecting Government’s Recent Proposal Will Have Grave Consequences


After getting an annual payment offer of N220 billion for the next five years, from the federal government, following a marathon meeting that ended Tuesday, indications have emerged that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) may lose the sympathy of many and may make the government wield the big stick if it rejects the recent offer by the government, with a full blown implementation of the ‘no work, no pay’ policy likely to break the ranks of the union and cause disaffection among the members who would feel the pinch of their salaries being withheld.

The union had however, insisted that it wanted N350 billion in 2014 and N400 billion annually for the next four years.

A labour leader who was privy to the details of the meeting between President Goodluck Jonathan and the National Executives of ASUU told Thisday yesterday it would be in the best interest of the union to accept the proposal.

“Once you meet the president of a country, where else do you want to go? Who else do you want to meet with? The leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) were present at that meeting. If we cannot find an exit, then we are in serious trouble.

“You cannot leave a strike open-ended, it will backfire seriously. If the government had started the ‘no work, no pay’ policy as soon as it was obvious that ASUU was bent on prolonging the strike, the strike would have been over by now. It would have broken the ranks of the members,” the source said.

The source added that although labour leaders are of the opinion that the government holds the major part of the blame for the strike, they (labour leaders) also think that ASUU has overdone it.

“If after all these, ASUU remains adamant, then it would be obvious that they have a political agenda. It may also be an ego thing for ASUU NEC who realise that ASUU has been known to be a union that strives on holding governments to ransom,” the source added.

Sources say the meeting of ASUU’s NEC will hold in the next one week.


  1. why is asuu orchestrating the issue of calling off the strike? this to me is getting too far. for how long will nigerians wait with this orchestration? they should have respect for the president of their country no matter what. asuu should end this orchestration and respectfully call off the strike this week.

  2. We ar behind you ASSU, don’t allowe this stupid administration decieved you. While thy ar packing their childrend to abroad and we ar stay here being killed by poverty.
    Great ASSU! Great ASSU!! Great ASSU!!!

  3. If Asuu refuse to call-off the strike,let govt sack the selfish lecturers and employ new ones.People are seriously looking for job opportunity.These nothern guys bent on distracting the president from doing his job,enough is enough!


  4. If assuu call off dis strik dis mean useless, because they said they need N500bn den nw, what they did if they knw no need 2 go 4 d strike, they just waste our time 4 nothing but 4 them self 2 get more money!

  5. If ASUU call off this strike without the implementation of 2009 agreement which they adamantly insisted on I will personally drag them to National Industrial Court! They wasted our time and denied students who are supposed to be in Law school and badge A of NYSC. They called this strike TOTAL and COMPREHENSIVE! I think they know what it means to use those adjectives. We are watching U ASUU!

  6. asuu should go on, we are strongly behind you, let it take whatever it will cause at least if not for we but our brothers and children’s far coming behind us, most of we that our parent don’t have access to steal public funds nd send us to private university and abroad for schooling

  7. Asuu . . Av mak me angry. . I feel lyk killin d President of Asuu “Isire Faggae” nd d board Member of Asuu, dey ar vry Stupid. Avin dia own selfish interest nd Political Angenda . FG SHLD KIL ALL DOSE DAT SUPPORT DIS ASUU BCOS DEY AR PLAININ curb. .

  8. He who fights and runs away,will definitely fight another day.if ASUU accepts whatever caarot the FG is dangling before them apart from 2009 aggrement and call off dis strike,am afraid,govt wl do nothing and sooner or later another strike is stil imminent.ASUU,pls make it total.we support you

  9. Hmmmmmm, after saying without the FG paying or honouring the 2009 agreement there is no going back on the strike. After wasting many time ǟňƋ adjusting the school calender. I believe this ongoing asuu strike will be the last of any kind ΐϞ public universities with the FG but I fear it will not because this is how the 2009 agreement was agree upon.

  10. As much as I undeRstand asuu and their bide 4 calling this strike. I don’t see 2 what their optimism strive. I jst pray that they would be patriotic and humane enough 2 accept the recent gvt proposal so we could go back 2 skul….

  11. Wen two elephant fights d grass surffers it, am pleding with FG to look 4 a sutable and confurtable means to resolve dis issue with ASUU permanently, if nt 4 any thing 4 d sack of d future of nigerian youth, am highly disapointed by d president cuz all dis is happening in ur regiem.

  12. The government started implementing “no work, no pay” in August 2013. No ASUU member has been paid any salaries since August. Yet the members are resolute to pay the sacrifice in order to fight for the survival of the university system. I tell you this authoritatively. So, “Information Nigeria” please always get your facts right.

  13. It will be very shortsighted of ASUU to accept the offer from the FG.If they think they can keep us for four months to now turn around and accept crumbs,they have another thing coming.Its just that we students have lost our backbone in dealing with such should not be forgotten that a ember left to smolder has the opportunity of becoming a fire epidermicepidermic..if ASUU truly have have the Nigerian education in mind, they should continue but if not,they should accept the measly money and know that they will get their comeuppance here on earth,in this lifetime.

  14. Ogbodo, hw cud u be disappointed in Mr President? can u lead a class? let alone a smal group in d church. what is happning nw cud happen in anybody’s regime. After all there ar a lot of forces fighting Mr President frm al corners of d globe. Mind u, if FG grants al they’re asking for other sectors: civil servants, doctors, etc. will raise dier ugly head 2morow. Besides, hw sure ar u dat ASUU will truly use d money for wot dey claim? Is it not for dier political ambitions? everyone is strugling to hav everyone’s owe share of d oil money. Nobody wants to consider d future of d poor masses. May GOD help us!

  15. I wonder why the govt did not start the “no work no pay” policy? How will you be paying people who sit at home doing nothing when we are here jobless? Or how much of the money there are asking for will be used for infrastructure to enhance technicality? Just keeping people at home for nothing? Corrupt lecturers who take advantage of students as part of their pay. God will judge…

  16. Temple I concur wit u. Asuu shuld accept wat Govt is offering. 4d students dat are sayin dey are behind Asuu to continue d strike, I rilly pity u. Do u think Asuu is rilly tinkin of d students? Lol! My dears dey are hussling 5 dere own share of national care, using education as colateral. Wats d guarantee dat dey ll use d 350billion to truely build up educational sector? No be Naija we dey? Let’s watch & see wat dey ll use d money for, & how skuls & education will change. I pray it does , but in Naija na o y o everybodi dey do

  17. the truth remains that the combusting fuel here is greed, asuu have neither the university nor the students at heart, those bar headed professors of this asuu are only looking for more money to share among them selves and they are using the litle lecturers as their pown in achieving this. Go to universities and see lots of embezlement going on with the litle that is comming in now.which person in his right sence will want to give more money when the one given is not utilised. FG should go into both no work no pay and see a way of retiring those heads too so we can continue our studies. FG may not be doing their best but I strongly think that we all Nigerians are the problems of this Nation from our respective work areas. We better stop blaiming the government, see the truth and change for good.

  18. If assu accept FG’s offer,dat means they ve been wasting our time for their selfish interest.they want 2 call off strike nw n go 2 another later? Let them just solve it once n for all.we re nt happy staying at home,but what worth doing at all worth doing well.GO 4 VICTORY ASSU…GO!

  19. ASUU are very stupid if dey reject d last offa giving 2 dem by FG. what FG have to do now is 2 sack all d bastad lecturers caln themself asuu bco they don’t want 2 work anymore, they have tired of working, only what they want is money, their is no different between them & halmrobbas, call them ASUU no more but BOKOHARAM because they are distroyer who claimed 2 fyt 4 d interest of students but destroying their future.

  20. What d FG has to do now is to sack d asuu officials from work cos they ar tied of working. Enough of this busheet, they are selfish ingreat set of union claiming to be hard jst becos d president gave them the chancr.

  21. To those who are supporting the prolonging of the strike,to those who are saying ASUU shld stay on their stand, its like u prefer drug dealing to education. Start rotting @home but let those who are eager to learn go back to school. In this rot education system, people are graduating and doing great today.. Bro, pray for yur own life. ASUU shld not use our own to defend their own selfish interest. 1.1trillion in 4years. Its commendable a bit. @all @all.

  22. U. All in suppoRT of fg u ar short sigHted nd selfisH…u don’t think of d future gEnEratioN.u just want to resume dat s ur own am also a stUdent lyk u Affected by diS. some sets of pple av been wit No Salary since augusT fyting for a causE nt tHeirS most of. D DoCtors and proFessors u see have gone out of niGeria nd av Seen What a true unIversitY luks lyk nt the sEcondary sChs we av dat WE kal univeRsity …if u ar in a ryt thinking mind don’t u think doCtors nd. Professors caN afford to. Quit their jobs nD go into otHer sectors dat pays morE. Nd wit daT. QualIfication dey ar hOt caKe in d labour market assuming dEy ar fyting for their stomach but dey stayEd nd ar fytinG for d. Lost glory of our uniVersity…den during their daYs in university our universIties weRe compared wit d ivy leagues. UI was ccompared to MIT nd co.I knw A prof dat transFerreD to mIT cos of a 4.7 cGpa in his first year in UI he was. ADmiTtEd immediately bt nau dat is nt possible anymorE…pls tHinK of d long run dat is wat s kiLling dis country.assuminG d past leaders aV tot of d long run NIGEr would av been a developed countRy All We think is nau we don’t plan …..leaDing is lyk playing chess if u don’t plan u losE…ASUU pls I beg u gv it all it takeS I can’t wAste my tym @home for notin. I. Want to be proud to show My. CErTificate Anywher in d world dat I graduated from a university ….pRoudly nigerian by. D way jonathan. Eat Shit. Nd go to helL. I haTe u more than anytin in d nt a poLitician by d way

  23. @little princE u don’t av a clue of wat education iS about u cAll wat u get in nigeria eDUcation CheCk ur dictionaRy meaning for uniVersity@oby u Ar selfiSh@olootosowon der is no futuRe for dis country witout quality education@mua typical nigeria mentality@ all Nigerians tO get sometiN u want u av to risk wat u av we nIgerians ar sTil under d preteXt of “I don’t care ,I Don’t want to Die ,govt moni is nobOdy’s moni “pls let chaNGe. Dis Mentality cos WitoUt iT we cannot mOvE in dis country.if it does nT concErns u 2Day remEMber u av Children ,children’s childrEn It ll conceRn deM 1day…..I love my country lyk kiLode dat y I want to change it …I juSt wiSh I alonE av d ability to bt I caNt onLy collectivELy can it be chANGe jusT change of mentAlity is enougH. Don’t think am 1 lazy student wu doesn’t want to go to sch am. A first klas engineering. studEnt of a popular uniV. Bt. I don’t. Feel fulfilled Cos I knw. I aV. So mucH moRE in me becos in. Nigeria u don’t av To work dat hard to be 1

  24. To my own believe and better understanding,if i’m to say the truth about th ongoing ASUU strike and the nonchalant attitude of our good for nothing so-called bad luck that professed himself to be our president,who doesn’t possess what it takes to be a president and a leader to take domineering of a nation like this our Nigeria.
    ASUU or no ASUU has no meaningful functioning and as well has no better contribution it could to add to the declining standard of education in the academic sector’s which has lined Nigerian to be seen at the backward level among her counterparts in the international community,so why is the ASUU braging and as well mandating it on the government whn even in our Nigeria tertiary institution of learnings’ today,you berely see lecturers who are really up to the task with their silly lectures delivery,that even a begger on the street in America can not deliver while closing his or her eyes;let all the lecturers be sacked and government should give way for fresh and talented youths and graduates to take hold of our academic discharge.
    On the side of the government too,well,the government is sychopantial in their mode of reasoning and the most everly seen imbecile to say is our government,with their two eyes widely opened,though been blinded,they send their own children to go and study abroad,without thinking that its a very big shame on them,that those country they sent their own children to,that they can never dream of sending theirs to come and learn here in our own country,when they knew that our education has no value nor prestige in the world recognition.
    Awake Great Nigeria students,so that our future will not be despondent.


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