BUSTED!! 80-Yrs-Old Grandmother Busted Selling Cocaine And Methadone. (PHOTOS)

An 80-years-old grandmother has been arrested in Rome, Italy, after allegedly selling cocaine and methadone through the window of her home in Rome. The aged woman who was nicknamed by the Italian press as ‘nonna-pusher’ (granny drug-pusher) took over the drug-dealing business from her daughter, who is now in prison. She allegedly arranged for customers to come to her home and would exchange the drugs for cash through a window. She got busted while selling to an undercover policeman and the Italian Police found cocaine, methadone, packaging materials and some cash while searching the house which the woman shared with her 25-year-old grandson who was also arrested as a possible accomplice. The granny drug-pusher won’t be charged due to her age and the level of disability she is suffering from.



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