California Gold Mining Ghost Town On Sale For $225,000


A California property owner is literally sitting on a goldmine and is selling the land on Craigslist for just under a quarter of a million dollars.

Seneca is a 12-acre gold mining ghost town in Northern California about 100 miles northwest of Lake Tahoe and complete with three small cabins, a bar called the Gin Mill and a liquor license. The town is very close to or contains a historic gold mine, the ad reports, and was home to the “Woodstock of the West” in the 1970s.

“Expand it into a unique getaway!,” the ad suggests. “Perhaps the most remote ‘restaurant’ in Northern California.”

The owner’s nephew, Jeff Potter, has blogged about time spent in Seneca, where his uncle ran a weekends-only summer bar out of the Gin Mill.

Of course, the $225,000 listing comes with some notable drawbacks. There are no utilities, the structures are run-down and access to the extremely remote property is weather-dependent.

“The area isn’t suitable for anyone in shaky health,” the posting cautions.


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