Central African Republic On The Verge Of Genocide – UNICEF Ambassador

Central African Republic has been described by UNICEF goodwill ambassador Mia Farrow as a failed state on the verge of genocide.

Returning from a weeklong trip to the country, Farrow described the government as “useless” and said the world isn’t paying enough attention. She said she believes “the seeds are present for a genocide,” echoing the assessment of UN officials.

“It’s an abandoned population, because the world has looked away,” she told reporters at the United Nations’ European headquarters in Geneva.

UN Ambassador, Mia Farrow
UN Ambassador, Mia Farrow

The actress and activist showed pictures she took of children’s drawings of gunmen shooting people, reflecting the lawlessness and massacre of civilians that she says particularly affects women and children.

UN officials say the nation, one of the world’s poorest with a long history of chaos and coups, has been collapsing since rebel groups joined forces to overthrow the president in March and put their leader in charge.

Farrow said it will take high-level intervention and a larger UN-authorised force with a stronger mandate to rein in the chaos.

“When you see a failed state in that region it’s a calling card to extremist groups,” she said.


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