EXPLICIT PHOTOS: You Won’t Believe What This Pastor’s Wife Decided To Wear In Public

32-year-old Hollywood actress, Meagan Good is now in the middle of another controversy due to an outfit she wore recently.


Last weekend, she was spotted in GQ Men of the Year party in Los Angeles in a very revealing black dress.

When asked some time ago, why she enjoys dressing in controversial outfits, the wife of Pastor DeVon Franklin says:


“…I’m confident in my decisions and I know my heart was in the right place when I chose the dress that I wore. And I know there will be other dresses down the line that people probably won’t like but I know my relationship with God is tight and I don’t think God is concerned about those kind of things.”

Do you agree with her?



  1. Its nt wat ur heart dat told u 2 choose it but it is ur lust nd desire 4 worldly tinz dat made u choose it. U said dat God isnt concerned bout dis yet he said dat kip ur body holy 4 it is d temple of God! U ain’t a pastor wife but a demon wife!

  2. If Saint Paul were to be around, he would have said that if your mode of dressing would cause someone to sin then do not wear such dress

  3. wht relationship has light do wiv darkness…God can use any1;even prostitute(a vessle) buh Meagan’s outfit does nt belong 2 God’s kindom.my sister,dont just read ur bible buh study d word of God

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  5. cover ur body properly well for it is d Temple of God,it’s written in d bible.dere is no different btw u and a HARLOT. U re a disgrace to christianity and humanity

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