Blogger Spreads Rumour That Omotola paid $650,000 to earn a slot on Times 100 influential list??

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So, I was surfing the internet like I always do and I came across this.

It’s an allegation that claims our very own Omosexy – Omotola Jalade Ekeinde; bought her way into the 2013 Times most influential list with a whooping $650,000 which is over a 100 million naira.

The article was written by a blogger, so I’m just going to let you read how he put it

Enjoy: –

“Before we get into it and stars or celebrities with mild relevance start coming at me with a bullet-less gun thinking they have a shot, let’s get one thing out of the way; This is a gossip type website. Any information contained on this site is reported as rumor and not actual facts unless receipts(proofs) are shown, official news/confirmation from a celeb’s rep/camp or I am talking about my own experiences. Do not take offense to any material on this site because everyone has the right to their side of the story. I am willing to hear all sides. Anyone in this industry, including myself will be subject to being put on blast. What you see is what you get! This is all for your own entertainment purposes… Now moving on.
An insider who happens to work closely with the most loved actress squealed details about Omotola making 2013 TIME Magazine 100 (Most Influential People in the World) list, stating that the actress paid a whooping sum of 650,000 dollars (which is over a 100 million naira if converted) to get a slot on that list.

Now I don’t know how true this is but I won’t find it amusing if she paid to make the list. Rich people (especially Nigerians) tend to pay for a lot of things (like Grammy, MTV, Bet award tickets which comes in different packages but the one they mostly go for is the full package with the hotel covered, access to Clive David’s pre-grammys party, red carpet, a seat next to a celebrity and after party, Forbes list, etc) to get recognised or live that ‘party with celebrities’ lifestyle.”

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  • How can pple be so foolish to frame such unbelievable story. If you’re envious of her pray to God to bless you more than her, stop unnecessary gossips about this beautiful lady and find a better things worth doing that will fetch you fortunes like Omosexy.

  • You call rumour mongering entertainment? This is sophisticated witchcraft, trendy wizadry and diabolical rascality. And your lies are not even inteligent. In the first place 650,000 dollars is over 1 billion naira and not 100 millon naira. To think that she would pay that kind of money for such a thing! Where would she get it? You think it is Nigeria where anything can be bought with money?

  • Where in the world is she going to get that kind of money for such a purpose ? What of the opportunity costs of spending such amount on just that. What will she want to achieve ? We will see sha as time goes on

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