Father Arrested For Picking Up Own Kids From School


A father who wouldn’t wait until 35 minutes after a school’s dismissal time to walk his kids home ended up leaving the premises early anyway – in a police car.

Jim Howes apparently traveled on foot to pick up his two children at South Cumberland Elementary in Tennessee at 2 p.m., but was told that due to a new school safety policy giving preference to people in cars, he would be unable to retrieve them until 2:35 p.m. Whatever happened to the pedestrian having the right of way?

Though the measure was designed for the safety of children whose parents didn’t pick them up in cars, Howes disputed the rule imposing a 35-minute wait for parents who picked up their kids on foot. He attempted to argue his point to school resource officer Avery Ayers, but unfortunately, that “arguing with a guy who has handcuffs” tactic didn’t work out so well for Howe.

As The Daily Caller reports, “When Howes suggested that state law was on his side–and that the school had to release kids to him on time–Aytes handcuffed him and put him in a police car.” And, because the internet loves a good arrest story, Howe’s wife caught the whole thing on tape and posted it online.

At least the kids have something new to bring in for the next show and tell: daddy’s mugshot.

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