“Federal Government Is Just Giving Empty Threats” – ASUU Responds To Ultimatum

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on Thursday described the threat by the federal government to sack lecturers if they don’t return to classroom as empty threat that could not hold water.


The union said it is vindicated that the Federal government was not ready to implement resolutions reached with the union.

ASUU said the threat will fail, adding that Nigerian public universities need 60,000 lecturers due to government’s failure to employ more capable hands into the system.


The union said federal government is wasting the time of Nigerians youths by failing to perfect the resolutions and get the strike suspended.

The union added it had reasons to be wary following the failure of government to honour their promises to Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, resident doctors and other health workers who have suspended their strikes.

The ASUU National Treasurer, Dr. Ademola Aremu, while responding to the government’s directive, said the threat does not hold water as it has confirmed the fears that the federal government cannot be trusted.

The don said, “With the latest action, the federal government has shown that they are not committed to all they have been saying. We are saying that since we agreed at the meeting that the sum of 200 billion naira is for 2012 and 2013 revitalisation, the federal government should deposit same in the Central Bank of Nigerian. We are already in November and December is around the corner. If they don’t do that now, when do they want to do it? We are saying the non-victimization clause should be included as agreed while the renegotiation of the 2009 agreement should be included as agreed with the presidents”.

“It is a pity if the federal government is not willing to perfect the resolutions reached with union. This is why we find it difficult to trust our leaders by their words. How can someone be threatening to sack lecturers when universities are already short-staffed by almost 60,000. We are not in military era. The military tried it and failed. This one will fail again. They can re-open the school. ASUU did not shut down the universities. It was the management of the schools that ordered the students to go back home.”

Source: The Nation


  1. This is going to be an inevitable BATTLE OF THE TITANS…
    Students: sit back, relax & lets watch this nigerian movie unravel in our favour…
    In Jesus name; amen…

  2. Omo see GObe,this smell doom for Nigeria Education.Battle between Federal govt and ASUU?why now…guys is will last longer than expected..this will make a Series of which we are still developing the episode…watch OUT!!!!

  3. Mr. Treasurer and his fellow ASUU members can go and hug electric transformer for all we care. Mr. Treasurer, why can’t resolve their differences with FG without the students being involved, and when will ASUU start acting as learnt union they are? It is our prayers the cries, fears, diappointment, etc and whatever ASUU has subjected the nigerian students to, will visit ASUU members’ house in triple fold in Jesus. Amen!!!

  4. wike is a big fool..i will personally advice mr president to sack him cos the man is so arrogant and rude,he’s not a good leader. A good leader must be a good listener to the people he/she is govern not dictator like wike..mr president don’t allow hoodulum minister to spoil ur good vision for this country …i imagine how fg will declare the seat of one and only professor in neurosurgeon(unijos) in the whole northern region vacancy, do wike think consultancy(in medicine), professorship are so cheap to get in market??? Is like dis wike doesn’t understand the ground our intellect lecturers(asuu) are standing..somebody should please sit him down and xplain to him


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