FG Condemns ASUU’s Conditions For Calling Off Strike


The Federal Government, yesterday, condemned the new conditions which Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, insists must be met before it could call off its five-month-old strike.

Members of the union had on Friday met in Kano for the National Executive Council, NEC, which they made as secretive as possible before communicating their resolution to the federal government whose response have now dashed the hopes of university students who were expecting the strike to be called off this week.

The three conditions the union gave the FG were payment of four months salaries, which accumulated during the period of the strike; immediate implementation of the N1.2 trillion offered by the government to public universities, starting with the release of N100 billion this year and the balance of N1.1 trillion to be spread over five years from 2014.

The union also demanded that the salary arrears must not be paid in piecemeal.

Supervising Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike, condemned the new conditions but assured that he would present them before President Goodluck Jonathan.


  1. asuu should go to hell, if getting paid will resolve d strike, lets continue cos they hav done enough damage on us; if asuu can give us (the students) back the lost time, let them be paid, if not; let’s continue!!! they have done enough damage dat we r now strong!!!

  2. Asuu shud kiss D dust for all I care. The struggle have lost its taste n soon, asuu will jst Dr Nasir Fagge remaining wen all d unis av Dissociated themSelves from ASUU itself.

  3. Now ASUU are being selfish and inconsiderate! They should just stay at home or leave there offices if dey don’t want to work now!

  4. Wat kind of a mess z thiz,dat meanz al hope z lost,wel d year has even ended and most student r cumin bak 4 xmas.. The resumptn z next year..no syllabus can b covered in one month neither exam..wl student wish 2 resume by december?

  5. foolish bob and prince, u can pour ur frustration on ur irresponsible Govt not on ASUU. cant u use ur head? was it not d govt dat signed d agreement? what is ASUU’s fault in dis conflict? why wouldnt they pay dem their money? is that why u student were sitting at home and running ur mouth while d strck was on? oo, u thing lecturers will loose their salaries, bunch of jokers. ASUU is not left with fagge, among d universities dat anounced resumption because their VCs were bribed my FG, which of them has resumed classes? maybe VC has to go and teach. blind Students.

  6. if asuu should be paid how much would they u students sitting at home,they should be paid nawaooh the student should be paid.the ones that have lost their children should be compensated shekinahh

  7. It means they don’t want to make any sacrifice. How can they fight and want to loss nothing when others lost valuable things? Yet, what they got is still to their own benefit.

    • U all in support of fg ar fools u shud go and read or find d meaning of agreement,if u ar saying d govt can’t do dis den wot do xpet dem 2 do bcos u ar talkiing about sacrifice, do fg makes sacrifice wen collecting and embezzling public funds?

  8. asuu is mad… they are not fighting for we students… they a cunning and gluttony group that fight for their pocket in decoy. they are mad and they all should be disbanded or kidnapped or killed… stupid people, they made me sit at home since 5 months. God will punish you and your family…

  9. ASUU is selfish, wicked, lazy and inconsiderate. You want to be paid for no work done. You are more interested in what gets into your pockets, as for the up grading of institution that’s just the number 2 on your list. Mtshew SELFISH ASUU.

  10. Those students condenming ASUU are very selfish.the If ur papa no give u pocket money or give a small a very small amount,then will u go back 2 sch. Think twice

  11. if fg should pay these pot bellied fools they should b prepared to face anoda strike issue for flimsy rison since d earned salary without working for it so they will continually practice it. fg u can do oda tns bt for d salary its zero cos it shld b no work no pay n we students av lost a lot wtout compensation. Bsyds dez idiots do get much frm ds der lecture stuff both extorted cash n in kind, d all shld b probed (i wonda whch student d are fightin for; is it d ones d forcefully sleep wt using d threat of failing dm or d ones d force to bring bribe.) God will punish u all. As for u annani or nanny u are d biggest fool of all mtchew..

  12. Though asuu also have their own fault,but fg are 2 b blamed mst b’cuz they r nt deaf when they agree to pay to asuu some amount of money which is causing problem nw, @ least fg sha hav d money.i jex tink its beta 4 dem 2 pay it dan punishing many students

  13. As For me, I think d best d fg will do is to giv dis asuu dier demands bcos its an agreement,nigeria is economically bouyant 2 pay up,asuu ar interllectuals, dey know nigeria can afford dis , let me remind u,is it not jeg(jonathan) dat used up 2 a billion naira 2 feed yearly?d money fg officials collect for feeding and housing or general allowance is enough 2 pay asuu’s salarys. Students b wis. Asuu 2 shud not allow dis 2 b a political issue dat oda parties(polical)will take advantage of, any party dat can’t commit 20percent 2 education are all thievs,am a final year student, don’t interprete d society but change it.

  14. All we want is cal of d strike.but w shld b cautious in al approaches to avoid setting up implosion for precedence sake.politicians shld nt use govt instutions at their disposal for political reason at d expense of d govt in power.no mata how politics played w hv no oda country w cn boast of.every countries of d world today hv their own perculiar problems.my submission is let dis strik b d last ever in dis country.no mata dat issues mayb i belv it shld b settled gently.both asuu and govt shld considerate in issues bcos both are educated elites.d main contention dis in mata both geared towards betermt for al.its wel.

  15. This is stupidity of the highest order, i think Asuu are being selfish now, they are thievies, they should go to hell, they av done enough damage, Let them be paid for dat four month if only they are also ready restore d 5month being wasted on their selfish interest.

  16. This a politics against d next election, we shud reason well and it affecting d students, thnx Bad jonathan u are a well reasoning person not like dat of dos useless and fuckin idiot calld annani and some stupid ones.

  17. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, I hope u (students insulting ASUU for their action) wouldn’t stop 2 go against ASUU when u graduate and become one of them? Be reasonable for once!!!

  18. please I wanna pled with Nigeria students to have Patience and also sacrifice for the next generation cos what Asuu is doing is for our good and let’s pray that the FG should meet the demands of Asuu, and if at the end of this struggle and sacrifice that Nigeria students are sacrificing it happens that we can see the infrastructure in our University, then we shall shout and scream to let the whole world hear us and then they will be no Peace for Asuu

  19. Asuu is being selfish and wicked,how can they demand for salary dey didn’t work for?I think they should all be kidnaped and killed for causing pains on millions of Nigerian students for five months,can they replace the five months wasted?and you foolish Anini or Annani what ever if you don’t know what to say or contribute u can as well keep ur dirty mouth shut..I don’t even think you are a studnt cos if you are I’m very sure you don’t wish to go back to school

  20. wao woa woa, i dnt understand these @all, is asuu actually asking for no work payment of salary, how dear those fools and God 4saking hungry beggers can they ever pay us {the student} for the damages they’ve caused us? this is seriously a slap and big insult 4m asuu on Nigeria students face. How are we sure in the 1st place that those guys will implement this money they are asking for judiciosly? the problem with us all Nigerian is that we do not know the important of the word ‘VALUE’ those guys succeded in wasting 5 good month of our lives they should be ponish for that

  21. Those of U condeming ASUU should ve a re-think. If ASUU don’t use dat measure, a similar scenario will crop up later and result in a long strike too. Dis measure will make d govt respond fast d issues dat demands urgent attention as they’d knw dat they’ll still pay for lost months. ASUU on their own shud ensure that their demand is followed squarely every year. My ppl, Naija has so much money and we are talking about investing in education. Senator’s allowances is higher than ASUU’s demand so what are we talking about. Let’s wisen up please

  22. Annani u r a fool, hw do u expect FG to pay Asuu 4 nt working? Dey r feeling like d country can’t do witout dem, is d president dat is even waitn a lot of time. He should replace dem wit capable young graduates and 4get about those old fools.

  23. Life is about making sacrifices. Honestly this endless strike is doing more harm than good. Pls all persons concerned should be a little more considerate putting in view the ultimate destinies of students. Time is one of the exceptionally few commodities that is irredeemable. We are one big family.

  24. ASUU should go to hell, they think they are wise after they have done great damages on nigeria educational system and wasted the precious time of the great nigerian students and paralyzed the economy system of all government universities. FG should not pay them their 4 months salaries except they call off the ongoing wicked strike so that, they can also feel the heat of the fire they have sets on many nigerians heart with their useless selfish actions and they will never be happy during this december period as they have refused to make nigerians happy most especially the students.

  25. Have we all thought of d’economic effect if d’moni is released,dat will make d’rich richer nd d’poor poorer,there will be too much moni in circulation nd high prices of goods.fg have d’moni dats sure,but there is no way you xpect to get paid when u are not workin,(no work no pay)and for d’agreement u cnt blame goodluck if he refuse implimentin it after all he was not on sit in 2009 to make agreement wit asuu.even if d’moni is realised asuu go put am for pocket,u or me no go see am.tell me what has asuu nd fg gained from keepin us at home for 5 months.remember their children are all abroad studyin.God help nigeria.


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