FG Lied About Releasing N100bn To Universities – ASUU


The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has alleged that none of the universities had received any money from the N100bn the Federal government claimed to have disbursed to 59 public universities to improve infrastructure.

Speaking yesterday, after leading members of the branch on a peaceful march around Makurdi town in protest of the lingering Federal Government/ASUU impasse, Chairman of the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi branch of ASUU, Dr. Celestine Aguoru, said: “As we are talking today, government has not released one kobo out of the N100 billion they claimed they have given the universities; this goes to show the level of insincerity of the government.

“The truth is that government is paying lip service to the development of education in this country and has therefore resorted to playing politics with the education sector and the future of our children.

“It is rather unfortunate that majority of those who are leading us today went to school in their time on scholarships, but today they do not want our children to benefit from that same gesture, all because of greed.

“Today we are faced with a situation where the amount Nigerians spend yearly to educate their children in Ghana is far more than the yearly budgetary allocation to the education sector.

“Our leaders are not being fair to our country, government should as a matter of priority implement its agreements with ASUU, Nigerians are tired of this deceit; they should remember that if they continue to negate their responsibilities to the people, one day they will certainly give account to God.”

Meanwhile, former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon has appealed to both parties to strike a compromise for the sake of our children and the country.

Speaking in Lagos, at the launch of the first edition of the Shell Nigeria Scholars Forum, for the beneficiaries of its scholarship, General Gowon argued that one of the parties must be prepared to yield ground in order to save the education sector.

He said: “I do believe it is time for all lovers of education to come together and get both the federal government and ASUU to return to the negotiation table and resolve all outstanding grievances. Both sides must be willing to yield ground for the sake of our children and that of our dear country Nigeria.”

In an elaborate ceremony chaired by Gowon, the Country Chair, Shell Companies in Nigeria, and Managing Director, SPDC, Mr Mutiu Sunmonu, said the forum “would serve as a meeting place for all beneficiaries of Shell post secondary scholarship schemes.


  1. Õh My God, so all dis while d govt has been beguiling it’s vulnerable victims(student) saying dat 100b has been realease.nevertheless, we wud fall back to our last resort(prayers) until both parties come to a resonable consensus.

  2. who is to be blamed ASUU or FG…..ASUU keeps talking all these nonsense to every ear that cares to listen not minding the effect of such deceitful comments….the 100 billion in question is the same money you people refused in the greedy pursuit of your full implementation madness and now you people are still the ones all over the place talking nonsense that FG is lying now do you expect FG to come to your house with the money to beg you to collect it….i guess no…..so what is ASUUs point now if i may ask …i guess we can now see clearly who is being deceitful and who is not..if you people had listened to the plea of your employee(FG) maybe you guys would have stood a better chance but right now as it is….shame on u greedy bastards.
    ASUU is a bunch of corrupt men and women who are terrible liars and very deceitful in all manner…you dont work yet you want to earn a senators salary…thieves…you victimize students and frustrate them and hope to get a fair hearing, my brothers (ASUU) life is not a bed of roses….please apply wisdom in choosing your line of action….it helps a lot

  3. Now, i can see that ASUU members are bunch of ignorance people. You people should accept the offer and return to d classroom before FG forward d offer, how can FG forward d offer that u rejectd.

  4. Assu,its only God that wil punish all of u for using us as a means for filling ur pockets.u guys are just greedy.Even if u claim to be fighting for us,y suffering us.As u can see,everybody is now against assu,y not leave us alone to continue our education.i hate u and ur stupid strike.


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