Foods That Put You In A Bad Mood

85058E3D1B55425BA0998A3DDBC200CAHaving mood swings? You might be surprised that the foods you’re eating could be the culprit.

1. Grabbing a bagel in the morning sounds like a great idea. However, it will spike your blood sugar and lead to a mid morning crash of the blahs and muddied thinking. Studies have shown that eating refined carbohydrates (like bagels) increased depression up to 60 percent in some people.

2.Too much caffeine gives a swift boost to your energy because it triggers the pituitary gland and causes an adrenalin release. Then the caffeine crash follows. Agitation and anxiety from drinking a vast amount of caffeinated drinks will affect your mood and zap your energy. Try drinking green tea or coconut water when you feel lethargic.

3. Cakes, cookies or a candy bar seems fitting when 3 p.m. rolls around. As you know, the sugar rush will not last and your mood will take a sharp dip, leaving you to crave even more sweets. Try fruit instead.

4. Packaged meats like hotdogs and lunch meats are loaded with nitrates and cause tension headaches, low moods, and can swell your ankles.


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