God Will Punish Anyone Who Takes My Gift Without Voting For Me In 2015, Senator Tells Constituency

Alhaji Ahmed Barata
Alhaji Ahmed Barata

Senator representing Adamawa South Senatorial Zone, Alhaji Ahmed Barata has placed a curse on gifts and donations disbursed to members of his constituency in a bid to ensure all beneficiaries of his empowerment programme vote for him at the upcoming elections.

While making his donations, the senator made the stunning utterance, informing anybody who was a beneficiary of his gifts and still refused to vote for him in the forthcoming 2015 general election would be punished by God.

Irked by the statement, some members of his constituency were said to have shunned the empowerment package and quietly left the scene, while some vowed they would collect his gift but they would still not vote for him because his constituency had benefited nothing from him.

Others who took his curse with a pinch of salt said if God were to punish anybody, the senator would be first on His list.

Speaking to newsmen, some of the senator constituents who craved anonymity said the empowerment package distributed by the senator was a charade to give the impression that he was popular in the constituency which he had abandoned for a long time.

“The attempt by the senator to undertake this charade is to atone for the sins he committed against us, as he realises that 2015 is fast approaching, and the only way he could make his way back into reckoning was by offering us this Greek gift,” one his constituents said.

While disbursing the donations, which included grinding machines, sewing machines, hairdressing equipment, and local irrigation equipment for dry season farming, the senator said poverty must be reduced to the barest minimum to allow peace thrive in the area.

According to Barata, poverty is the root cause of all evil acts in the society ranging from the consumption of hard drugs to women and child trafficking and other forms of criminal vices.

He said in his quest to eradicate poverty, he had facilitated the employment of more than 35 graduates from all the nine local governments of his constituency as well as providing a computer centre in Jada and Numan Local Governments Areas.