Greed: Beverly Osu And Best Friend, Charity Owoh, Fight Over Bimp

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It seems today is all about rumors and more rumors.

This time, it’s about a fall-out between former BBA contestant Beverly Osu and her padi of life, Charity.

Reports say that, Beverly Osu and her best friend Charity Owoh have fallen apart and keeping the silent treatment with each other.

My last statement might have been even underated, as I hear the 2 former BFFs are sworn enemies and it’s all because of a man; Brother Africa contestant Bimp Habesh from Ethiopia.

Beverly and Charity fell out after Charity began to pursue Bimp who has been staying more in Nigeria since the reality show ended a few months ago.

My source says that, Charity even went as far as introducing Bimp to her mum and let everyone know she was interested in him.

On the other hand, Beverly who obviously had a thing for Bimp in the BBA house emerged and started getting jealous.

The two friends first fell out after Charity allegedly told Angelo (when he was in Nigeria) that Beverly still had a thing for Bimp, and after Angelo left, things became really heated between the former BFFs.

Beverly felt betrayed that her best friend not only snitched on her but also went after Bimp knowing how she felt about him.

Unconfirmed rumors say that one of them even went as far as opening a twitter account to attack the other, and the other one got so depressed about the situation (because all their friends supported the other) that she ‘contemplated’ suicide.

Also, Beverly has edited her twitter account where she had charity’s email address as her ‘booking contact’ and has removed everything about charity in her biography.



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