Group Faults Appointment Of Akpan As FIRS Chairman


The National Youth Peace and Empowerment Project (NAYOPET) has faulted Jonathan’s nomination of Mrs. Mfon Akpan as the new Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS).

According the group, by the president’s nomination, the South Eastern part of the country had not been fully integrated and given sense of belonging as Nigerians.

In a statement signed by the Executive Director, Mr. Emma Monye, the group noted that Akpan’s choice for the position contradicted equity, justice and sense of belonging of all ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Monye noted that this time, the South-east region of the country has very top contenders, who are qualified enough for the position of chairman of FIRS.

He lamented that the injustice against the Igbo people was on the increase, adding that since the establishment of FIRS no person of Igbo extraction has headed the country’s apex revenue agency.

According to him, the president cannot claim to be for all Nigerians particularly the Igbo, who gave him the highest number of votes in 2011, when he had deliberately decided to surchange them again.

“Why talk of equity, justice and sense of belonging when till 1998 all chairmen of FIRS came from South-west; 1998 to 2001 Alhaji Zukogi from Niger State, North central; from 2001-to 2004, Malam Bala Manu from Adamawa State, North East; from 2004 to 2012, Mrs. Ifueko Omoigu-Okauro from Edo State and from 2012 to date, Alhaji Kabir Mashi acting from Katsina, North-west. So, where is the South-east in this equation? South-east has top contenders this time, why South-south or North again? If we must put the pains of the civil war behind us as one Nigeria this is one of the times to show that Nigeria is fully integrated by giving south east the seat of FIRS. It is only just for south east to have the seat since from inception they are yet to be there,” Monye said.


  1. I pity Mr Monye and all my Igbo friends. Marginalization against them will remain constant as long as they allow the sentiments of the post biafrian war to becloud their sense of reasoning. APGA can not give them presidency, In the zoning arrangement of PDP, their is no place for them simply because they are not united. They allow this sentiments in the just concluded Anambra election were the connived with all powers that be to ensure APGA win the election as against popular candidates like Ngige of APC because they were brainwashed that APC belonged to Yorubas which ‘betrayed’ them and the Hausas that killed them during the Biafra war. Jonathan is from the SS and u cannot expect him to carry bread meant for his children and give it out. He woun’t be a good father for doing that for any reason.

  2. we must also realise that the federal and states governments depend on revenue from the firs to finance the budget. this position should not be beclouded by sentiments. if you take your time and look at the recruitment process for the new firs chairman and her credentials you would understand that everybody was given a chance but the young lady came tops. lets forget sentiments and think of the progress of the nation. the president’s nomination is a very good one that went through very transparent process to produce the young lady. The north want the position and are criticising the president for appointing the lady and now the east. that’s really not nice.


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