Harmattan Haze: FRSC Cautions Motorists On Poor Visibility

osita-chidoka-frsc-boss-360999980Motorists have been advised to be conscious of the foggy weather condition, particularly the early morning and late evening mist usually associated with the harmattan season.

Motorists across the country were also advised to drive with their headlights on low beam in view of reflections from high beams, which heighten poor visibility and often lead to road crashes.

These advices were contained in a statement by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Public Education Officer, Jonas Agwu in Abuja on Thursday.

Agwu noted that poor visibility happens when “the temperature drops to the dew point of saturated air which condenses to reduce visibility drastically and cut down the vision of a driver to 400 metres or less thus creating hazardous driving conditions.

“On Monday this week, the Abuja-Lokoja highway experienced a thick fog which enveloped some parts of the corridor between 6.00am and 7.30 am, especially the 30km stretch between Yangoji and Awawa (near the NNPC pump station), with attendant visibility challenges beyond 70 metres on most stretches of the highway,” he said.

According to the FRSC public enlightenment officer, all road users should drive with caution during this period, adding that every driver should be safety-conscious and must adjust their driving to meet the present conditions on the road.

“In view of prevailing climatic conditions, motorists are further reminded of the need to embark on daily routine check of their vehicles before entering the road. Aside from the wipers, brakes, non-defective windscreen and functional lights, it is instructive to check radiators for water, defrosters and use coolant to keep the vehicle engine within normal range,” he added.

Agwu also advised road users to avoid used and worn-out tyres as well as desist from over inflating or under inflating their tyres, saying bad tyres are a prerequisite for road crashes.



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