HEARTLESS: What Governor Adams Oshiomhole Said to a Poor Widow (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

This can best be described as the most shocking remark ever made by a State Governor to a poor woman. The heart of a man who can say such things, especially in front of a huge crowd and cameras is desperately wicked.


This video shows Governor Adams Oshiomhole ostensibly leading officials of the state to sanitize the city of Benin, the Edo State capital. In the course of his tour of duty, he came across a widow roadside hawker.

The poor widow knelt before the imperial governor, a former labour leader, begging for her little means of livelihood to be saved. She pleaded that she’s a widow.

What Governor Adams Oshiomhole Said to a Poor Widow

But her pleas fell on the governor’s deaf ear. In what could be regarded as the most unkind cut of all, the governor said the widowed woman should “go and die”!

Afterwards he stood for some seconds looking indifferently on how the officials took the women’s belongings away, and he left the scene of the drama.

What Governor Adams Oshiomhole Said to a Poor Widow

What Governor Adams Oshiomhole Said to a Poor Widow

What Governor Adams Oshiomhole Said to a Poor Widow


The huge crowd which witnessed all these was too shocked to say, or to do anything…

Watch video >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Vw43BVPasDM


Source: Sahara Reporters



  1. i dnt tink dat word is credited to d so called widow beside dere has be series of warning dat traders shuld leave d walk way nd sm pple re destroyin his hard work.when dey re caught,dey wil claim to be widow to gain sympathy.it must ve be a misinformatn or slip of tongue


  3. Angry or not, that ⌣̊┈̥-̶̶̯̥͡·̵̭̌✽̤̥̈̊w̶̲̥̅̊ǎ̜̣̍S̤̥̈̊·̵̶̭̥̌ -̶̯͡┈̥⌣ very cruel of him. If he was I̶̲̥̅̊N̶̲̥̅̊ her shoe’s or has an inkling on what she’s facing he won’t have uttered such. It’s jux cus of his wealth and position. If eva he said that tho!

  4. if i was oshomole at that time, i will do worse. The governor did not hold anyboby not to sell but he said don't trade on walk ways and this anouncement has been made several times on the tv and radio. Is she the only poor widow we have in benin? Because

    if i was gov. Oshomole, i will do worse. She is not the only poor widow we have in benin. Walk ways were not built for trading but for legs to accident. What that womao did, can not happen in lagos. Several warning from tv and radio but yet, some animals will still go aheard to disobey the law.

    • At least you are less ferocious than Oshiomole because you did not ask her to “go and die” but abused all of her type as “animals.”
      There are several civilized ways of dealing with the problem but HIS EXCELLENCY opted for molestations.

  5. Nigerians, we must learn to be discipline and law-abiding if things must work for us. That woman is a defaulter and should be treated as one so as to serve as a deterant to others. The Gov. is just a human being like we are so atimes, he could be subjected to expressing himself with an angry tone.

  6. The mark of a good leader is to be able to maintain calmness in the face of being angered… He just failed the test. Dealing with an ordinary roadside hawker in such a harsh tone when there are more serious issues that he can vent his anger on… (Its just like a commissioner of police giving a press conference on the arrest of a pick pocket). He should be ashamed of himself. He should at worst have left it for his aids to handle. All the woman’s wares is not even up to 10k… the amount they used in fueling one of the cars in their unnecessary convoy of cars for a meaningless journey.

    Did you see the type of crowd watching? Even school children were watching the display of power by the so called Governor… A time will come when he will remember this day and he will cry for mercy (That was all the woman was asking for) but his cry too will fall on deaf ears…YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

    By the way do you know that his act looks like what started the Arab Spring in Tunisia… “The Up turning of the Cart of an unemployed graduate”…

  7. oshiomole is a beast.. He is worse than wada of kogi state.. Even if she’s not a widow, a little token or words of advice would av encouraged her..” go and die”.. is a hard insult to a widow.. no wonder u didnt win d votes frm ur village.. God wil intervane 4 dat woman.. Abi r u beta than GOD?

  8. He don enter second tenure. He no de work again. He wan use people get all d money wen he don use for first tenure. Vanity upon vanity.u no go carry your wealth go heaven.

  9. Akpabio is the best Cuz wen u get encounter with him,he change ur life 4 gud provided u re not a criminal.I will always live to emulate him cuz He has done wat odas Gov hasn’t done…sorry 4 de poor widow and who knows her child or grandchild might become a commissioner or a gov of Edo state someday!

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  11. pple in benin r very stuborn y trade in d walk way hw wil u feel tryin ur best 2 build a state dat has b abandon 4 yrs only 4 some greedy trader 2 start distroyin it rite uda ur watch..since one dnt want 2 b treated as human dem treat as animal

  12. Chai!! U ppl are so foolish by sayin wat d beast Gov said is gud…sum say Benin ppl are stubborn is Oshiomole not stubborn?! ‘Go n Die’ are d words a ‘Leader’ must say to his subject, uttering such abusive words 4gettin he himself is a dead man walking…fuck him, is dat wat he culd do to bring employment to d state…Kudos to my state Gov Akpabio

  13. let us all know that what is law should be obey. the hours of that sanitation should be use for it so as not to be blame others on what we aware. i think the governor is a good man at heart. he knows how to handle that situation to bring about another formidable program that will benefit his people the more. the governor sir, have pity on them, thank you.

  14. If a Governor who is voted to protect and serve the people can unleash such an unwholesome canon to a widow who did go about to prostitute or get involved in any kind of criminality… i really an unquenching pity for this nation called Nigeria. The Nigerian and Widows Youth should stand up it and cause the change they really desire. Lets chase all these ingrates out of power. Revolution in Edo state is the answer to this kind of wicked response to a widow, it will serve as deterrent to other animals in the corridors of power. How will that little child in that crowd feel for goodness sake. Our leaders have lost it all. Nonsense…..

  15. one good turn deserves another,his shameful time is around the corner we shall all hear wat will become of him in no time.a poor widow for crying out loud he couldn’t even give her a token.

  16. Since any hawker caught trading in no trade zone Can sinply saidshe is a widow even without prove, then the gov acted like one nigeria man of God that slap a poor girl in front of thousands of people because the poor girl was a witch, or like one kate Henshaw that walked away on one guy in nigeria got talent simply because the guy said his heaven by name. Let me forget about the action of the gov. My questions are for some of the commentators that believe been a poor widow as per say is a green light to take law into ones hand. 1. What is law? 2. What follows if u took law into ur hand? 3. What is walk way? 4. How does law works? 5. Is there part of the law that cleared poor widows to be trading in no trade area? 6. Who are civilise people?
    7. Apart from nigeria and maybe some other .african countries, which country in civilized society where poor widows are allowed to trade on walk way. 8. Since u guys are now saying law should be brushed aside when dealing with poor widow, even under normal circustance is it good to free the walk way to serve it purpose? If this questions are seriously considered u will see, that widow receive some of the things that Can happy to criminals widow or not. We nigerians believe we are the most civilse people, but when dealing with issues that has to do with law and religion there u know we Nigerians are the easiest people that Can easily be fooled. I ve been to 12 of the popular countries in Europe and the Usa, walk ways are so design in such a way blind people Can go to anywhere they want on their own because they are trained on how to use the walk way. The first time I saw people trading on walk way was May this year during my holiday in nigeria. I have a picture of a bike man who was using the walk way. My people, the only way law works is to punish any person who fail to obey the law and nothing about that person should matter. Widows are not mad people, they’re very normal people and they should not be considered as diffz people for law to work like in other part of the world. This is just my opinion.

  17. I remember it was that the Edo sate governor gave a huge amount of money to the winner of big brother africa. Someone that’s not even a nigerian a person dat already won a huge sum of money.in this wold the inflencial and wealthy people are respected even if they break the laws in a country or in a state. The fact is that he was very wrong to have use such statement on a widow even if she broke the law there are other polite ways of adressing such situations. Let’s not take sides with what is wrong both of them are @ fault but its not very wrong for a leader that is supose to be a role model to many to use such word on his subjsect.

  18. If a Governor who is voted to protect and serve the people can unleash such an unwholesome canon to a widow who did not go about to prostitute or get involved in any kind of criminality… i really have an unquenchable pity for this nation called Nigeria. The Nigerian Widows and Youths should stand up to it and cause the change they really desire. Lets chase all these ingrates out of power. Revolution in Edo state is the answer to this kind of wicked response to a widow, it will serve as deterrent to other animals in the corridors of power. How will that little child in that crowd feel for goodness sake. Our leaders have lost it all. Nonsense…..!!!

  19. Pardon me, but I think laws are made to respect
    nobody. Therefore, if the law is “No street
    trading” then the woman should obey the law.
    Moreover, we can’t ascertain she is a widow just
    because she said so. There is problem of keeping
    law and order in Nigeria because Nigerians
    prefer doing the wrong thing to the right thing.
    People build houses in the wrong places and
    want to be pardoned during demolition etc.
    However, in this case the woman don’t need to
    be a widow before she would be pardoned in
    that the Governor can be kind to anyone or the
    best act will be to buy the goods from her. He can just
    pay her the worth of the goods but
    unfortunately he may end up creating more
    widows selling in the street. I don’t know other
    alternatives for street traders but I think there
    is need to create jobs before stopping people
    that earn a living via street trading.

  20. this GOVERNOR did not do any bad thing, let just say that if you were the GOVERNOR and gave the order severally and people did not obey you what will you do??, Mr. GOV you no do bad at all,

  21. We’re craving ‘for equality before the law’ evriday. Dat u r a widow, orphan or wat so ever, shldn’t make u disobey law n plea 2 b sympathizd wth just bcos u r one of such mentiond above. I tink gov. Oshiomhole made dat statement out of anger.

  22. In my opinion, i think d law must take its stand. Its very simple, don’t hawk on d walkway and don’t sell during the environmental hour, if you do no matter whom u are, you’re to be punished. Moreso, d governor must have made dat comment out of anger since ppl will not obey d law.

  23. That is the problem with this so called progressives and labour activists.they are good in criticising but if given a position they will fail.i thought if oshiomole become a governor no edo man will suffer again but i can see now dat it is easy to criticise dan to rule.if ur make this asuu president a minister of education today he will mess up.

  24. What Oshiomole did is heartless. Let us look at that video critically. If that woman is said to be a hawker, where did she display her goods? You can see that those things the power governor ceased are all packed in their various cartons. If she is hawking for example, the pack of BOBO drink is still intact in the carton and all other items ceased by this man. I believe that those things were dropped from the vehicle and the woman was explaining to him that they fell from the walkway. On the other hand, Oshiomole asked the woman “you are a widow, go and die” forgetting that himself is a widower. He too should equally go and die. If a widow should not live, a widower should not live too.

  25. Did the law say offender should be Abused Or Punished or Abused and Punished? The gov would have indicated his non-readiness to pardon the woman for the offence but not to abuse her. Even atimes, someone can tamper justice with mercy. What would have happened if the woman grabbed and bite the gov cos of that abuse? The gov has the right to punish defaulter of law but i don’t think he has the right to abuse.

  26. The woman was not hawking on the sideway, she bought goods nd since there was no bike, as, they have been banned, she was waiting for taxi when the Governor’s team storm the market, she was just a victim of circumstance, at that, the Governor’s comment was wrong nd hash. How can you ask ur citizen who am sure voted for you to go nd die.

  27. Vero, I can see you are a good lawyer. I have just read your comments on the issue. Let me ask you these simple questions. 1. Was the so called items displayed? Where there signs that those items are being hawked? Please go and watch the clips very well before making your conclusions. 2. You said you have been to 12 countries in Europe and America, are the citizens of those countries being treated the way your client governor did? Are they talked to so despicably? Imagine the word: ” you are a widow, go and die”. If you are the person or she is your sister, would you confidently post this same comments you have posted on this page? Please all the knowledge you have in law and answer these questions sincerely.
    I believe that laws are made for the poor and not for the rich especially in this country Nigeria. Your client can use his one day allowance to settle that woman knowing fully well that himself too is a widower. God bless you.

  28. Governor oshiomole’s statement shouldn’t have been go and die! There are more civilized ways to treat such matters after which you can call your aides to tell the authorities to allow the poor woman to. Nigeria is not a place you place strict laws on people when the government is not doing much to rehabilitate the suffering Nigerians. I think that every public servant should treat our citizens like humans, and not like dogs. For crying out loud, is this what we expect from the APC gov’t? Fashola on his part, is treating lagosians as if they are all his slaves. Only God can save the poor in this country.

  29. @All of you who are supporting laws; how many of the country’s laws have you obeyed, or you want to tell me that if you are such widow you will be happy and go home well? Remember, there’s no law that doesn’t have pardon. And that widow’s faul can be pardoned. Even, they in the Gov’t are the most violators of law. That is why my LORD JESUS CHRIST said, WOE unto those that made laWS AND COULD NOT EVEN KEEP IT.

  30. Oshiomole or whatever he is called is suffering from mouth ulcer. He opens his mouth without thinking of the implications of his venomous utterances. This was how he was almost lynched last time when he made unremarkable comments about the national conference committee set up by Jonathan. Oshiomole insults both the small and mighty and has also extended it to the poor widow. Imagine telling a poor widow to go and die???? no wonder the bible says out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. This comment is a reflection of his evil intention of the people he is called to lead and his anger is further sparked by the court injunction placed on his intention to sell the Edo House in Lagos inorder to block the financial loop holes he has plundered Edo state treasury into.
    Oshiomole is the worst advertisement of the product of free and fair election (one man one vote) he is selling. The result of the recently concluded local government elections speaks volume of this, especially the rescheduled Esan north election. Oshiomole is not only a betrayal, but also an occultic and satanic agent. Having sacrificed the blood of his wife, his personal adviser, his driver etc, only God knows who his next victim will be? Is high time the world knows the true identity of this evil masquerader.


  32. Wisdom is the principal thing in life. The Gov. Forgot this. He’s just a human like everyone of us who is bound to mistakes in life. I think the respect the Gov. Had earned himself in this country is too much for him to make such affirmations. God forgive the Gov.

  33. @OLA

    After watching the drama and read your comments, I feel very sorry for this country. We have lost it totally. You know what I see in that video, I see a servant pleading with her master, such is where we find ourselves. Truly, law are meant to be obey, but where legality becomes so expensive and inaccessible, then law are mere paper work.

    Decent meal are expensive and inaccessible to majority of Nigerians, decent housing, decent healthcare, decent school, decent electricity, decent means of transportation, decent roads, decent clothing are all inaccessible and expensive to majority of Nigerians. Yet, billions of Naira move on daily basis because some few have the opportunities to be at the corridor of power. Resources that should go round to address the need of this woman, her children and majority of poor Nigerians are shared among few, all we see are EFCC drama, probing and committee upon committee. Very sad.

    Majority are deprived in the midst of plenty. Deprivation leads to desperation. Desperation to meet basic things of life, which ordinarily should not be problem to us, drives these poor Nigerians outside of their homes, even at the maximum risk of their precious items, their lives. Desperation flung them in different direction, many to Okada business, many to scoop fuel from fallen tanker, many to kidnapping, many to robbery, many to hawk in traffic, many to trade by the walkway such as the woman commanded to go and die by the almighty governor. Quite pathetic.

    Rather than think creatively and expand opportunities for the citizens they are elected to govern, they will create a reward system for 2,000 people out of about 1million unemployed. They will promulgate law that will make things worse for the people who are already down. There is no soft landing for majority of these poor. The irony of it is that some of the uninformed poor people will join in castigating their fellow Nigerians who are in the same income category. They will even get to the extent of describing the woman and others like her as stubborn, criminal and all sort of names. Unknown to them that the same tyranny leader is coming to deal with them in another form. Your situation will not improve overnight and your governor will not change his thinking over night.

    The way he has demonstrated full state power on the woman is the same way he will demonstrate the same power on you when he will accuse you that you are yet to pay your tax, you build your house without cofo, your car is old and should not be on the road and many other of your state inflicted offenses.

    The same scenario has played itself out in Lagos, there is a bit of respite from all these punishments because of 2015 and the political ambitions of Lagos emperor.

    I just hope fellow country men will open their minds and read between the lines and to ask our friends who have traveled to 12 countries to provide statistics on their poverty rate. Law makes a whole lot of sense where poverty rate is below 20% not in Nigeria where we are dealing with over 60%. Law remain sacrosanct where nobody will deep her hands in the treasury and buy armored tanks in the name of personal security, yet no consequences, law is ideal where a person who is enjoying commonwealth resources will not use his convoy to drive citizens to their deaths, law is meaningless where you take 7billion from the treasury and you are advised to pay 250,000 and sin no more.

    This is a country of contradictions and I foresee that majority will still suffer some more. For the woman, accept my sympathy, I hope Edo people will learn from this. For the almighty comrade governor, I leave you to the dictates of time and your conscience in managing public policy

  34. Although I live in USA, I always had respect for this man but after watching this mean, evil, wicked, heartless act of his, he disgusts me now, u better find that widow and do d right thing! VERY STUPID BEHAVIOR!!!

  35. This show the height of wickedness & failure of the govt of Oshiomhole,was it in his place to clear street hawkers? what of the people that are paid to do the job? is it over-zealousness? THINK!!

  36. If d governor actuali made dat remark den I must say dat ws a very rude one 4rm him.Dis wasn’t d attitude he ws wearin wen he ws campagnin 2 b elected as a governor.And probably dat woman must as voted 4 him;Although I knw rite 4rm tyme dat d governor is a proud governor but I wil advice him 2 ask 4 4giveness or face d consequences of a hrtbittered curse 4rm a widow.

  37. Perhaps people fail to remember that Adams Oshiomole is a human being. If u find a human being who makes no mistake; he is either an angel or a fool. Making mistake once in while is human. Failure to recognise this is in-human. Let us accept his apology. He must have acted in his fury. ” Gov let nothing agitate u to lose temper in public.”


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