Here Are The Qualities Guys Are Looking For In Ladies


There are many right women out in the dating field, but what are the core traits that make these women the right people….?? Here are 10 personality traits, carefully chosen. What guys wish to have as a girlfriend:

1. She desires to see the best in you and she makes you want to be the best a man can be. 
These are the women that make men. These are the women every man needs, every reasonable man desires. We wish to have a woman that knows how to provoke the inspiration in us, the strength in us and the best brain of us.Not a woman that brings emotions into everything, desires to be laid when you suppose to be working, nor the selfish queen of babylon…
2. The independent woman. 
A woman who can do for herself! A woman who with courage, has emotional strenght that keeps her calm and sensible. A woman who knows the capabilities of her brain and depends on no man for her life purpose.A woman who can function without a man beside her. A woman who knows and live like you’re just a bonus, not a job.
3. She loves you! 
Oh and what kind of love is this…. A love that flows selflessly and unconditionally. A love that exhibit no manipulation. A love that loves you just the way you are. A love that prays for you. A love that treats you well in a daily basis, with the reality of truth and affection.
A love that doesn’t play hard to get!4. She gets along with your friends and family. 
Oh what a marvelous thing! She makes an effort to get to know your parents and siblings.. They get along and everyone calls her great! She helps your parents and empathizes with your sister. Your friends moan whenever you say she’s coming over. That’s the woman every man desires. From deep within he’s proud of her.He’s glad to have her, and can’t wait to put a ring on her finger.

5. She doesn’t nag without the good reason. 
She knows when she don’t need to worry. She trust your action and believe in your decisions. She only nags for your safety, the safety of your relationship. So calm, she hold your hands and clarify her doubts in harmony.

She battles wisely, understanding her limits.
6. She lets you be a man. 
She allows you to spend time with the guys. She support your manly hobbies, desires and passions. She respects the fact that men and women are different, and even encourage you to be yourself.7. She respects you. 
Oh what is love without respect? She respects your personality. She respects your words and set aside time for you and with you alone. She respects the privacy of a relationship. She argues but with limits.She respects you, and so you respect her….and desire her.

8. You’re attracted to her. 
Don’t you think this is obvious?? Just attraction? Are you attracted to the right thing? Her personality? She has a defect, but it doesn’t kill the attraction. She has bunches of weaknesses, but in that you rejoice, becasue it gives you a chance to prove your manliness by making her strong.

Non of that matters, but she’s always good at looking good and now you want to be seen with her.

9. She’s sexual. 
She knows how to play the satisfaction game. She’s sexually compatible with you, and every moment seem to be special. She communicates her desires verbally, listens to yours and try her best to fulfill them.

10. The intelligent girl. 
She doesn’t know everything but everything she knows are useful. She’s smart and uses her brain to solve the relationship puzzle, not with emotions. She’s creative in love and commitment. Apart from love and commitment, you can talk about other things, because she’s intellectually loaded.

These are the qualities we wish every girlfriend had!

PS: These list are very realistic and practical. A woman might not exhibit all these traits but a woman that desires to improve is a woman who can make more than these. A woman, with the heart to change.

Written by Joshua Daniel Jdy 

he is a relationship humorist
Twitter: @JoshuaDanielJdy


  1. I wish our women will read dis and amends dia ways just to secure a blissful and a wondaful relationshipz.wat pains me most is dat many gals of nowadays depends on men 4 everthing and if dey can’t afford it,dey cheat on dem just to satisfy dis material egoz…which makes some guyz tink twice b4 indulging in a relationship.