Homeless Man Has Lived in a Crypt With The Skeleton of His Best Pal For 13 YEARS


A homeless man has lived inside a cemetery tomb with the skeleton of his best friend for the past 13 years.

Fabio Beraldo Rigol, 47, moved in after going bust and turning to drugs.

His family disowned him but he “asked permission” from his dead pal to live in the crypt with him. It has space for six bodies.

The former broker only leaves to go into Santa Isabel, Brazil, to ask for food. He claims he found himself penniless and homeless after his business folded and he started using drugs .

He said: “I’m more afraid of the living than the dead. I’ve never seen a ghost. It gets a bit quiet here sometimes, but I’m not a big talker, so it suits me. I’m not very good around living people.”

“I had to leave the house, and I ended up wandering the streets. One night it was raining hard. I don’t remember how, but when I woke up I was here in the graveyard.”

On most days he leaves the graveyard to ask for food in the town centre.

He said: “When it’s raining I stay inside. I never want for anything. When I need people there is always someone who gives it to me. God never lets me go hungry.”

But Mr Rigol said he doesn’t intend to stay in the cemetery until his own time comes.

He added: “I want to get out of here alive. I still want to have my own house, even if it’s just a bedroom and a bathroom. I want to go back to work if there’s a chance. My live hasn’t finished yet.”