How President Jonathan Was Hospitalized In UK For Chronic Stomach Pain (READ SHOCKING DETAILS)

Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan, has reportedly remained hospitalized at an undisclosed London hospital to which he was taken early today after complaining of chronic stomach pain.


“The President woke up to get ready for the business of the day only to complain of serious stomach pain”, one presidency source said.

The personal doctor to the President, Fortune Fibresima, reportedly administered some medicines but as the pain escalated, Mr. Jonathan was reportedly rushed to a hospital.  Presidency officials hoped he would be released to participate at an Investor’s Council Meeting taking place at the Hilton Hotel in Central London, about five minutes from the InterContinental Hotel where the Nigerian president is lodged.  The meeting is the objective of his visit.

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Several presidency sources have confirmed to SaharaReporters that the President and several government officials partied heavily into the early hours of this morning as they celebrated Mr. Jonathan’s 56th birthday.

The Nigeria leader is accompanied on the trip by several Ministers and officials, but three state governors who were invited to accompany him did not show up.  They include the Governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan, who opted to go to Poland.  He was reportedly afraid the London Metropolitan Police might pull him aside for questioning concerning his role in the money laundering fraud that led his cousin and predecessor as governor, James Ibori, into jail in the United Kingdom.

Plateau State Governor Jonah Jang and his Borno State counterpart, Kashim Shettima, were also both invited on the trip both they did not show up.

Last February, during another visit to London, Mr. Jonathan came down with an intestinal disorder described as Amoebic Colitis and he underwent testing at the London Clinic on Harley Street.  It is unclear if his new troubles are related to that experience.

President Jonathan is said to have a taste for ogogoro, a local gin that is widely-enjoyed in the riverine areas of Southern Nigeria.  Presidential spokesman Reuben Abati has however denied that alcohol is served in the presidency.

Source: Sahara Reporters


  1. Na today! No be small ‘ogogoro’ o. That man dey drink am well. Yes! Alcohol isn’t served in the presidency, but that does not stop anybody from getting it by themselves or behind the public. Rubbish! The only thing i pray for is that his brains get well soon… Cuz i no send am o. I am proud of Late Yar’adua… Compared to this banana-stem that is being controlled by that ‘Jezabel’ of a wife. You are too weak and ineffective like a shivering man on his death-bed. I thought names do have effect on individuals and people… But yours is the opposite; BADLUCK. Shit! You are not my president. This is not the real Nigeria we all pictured… This present Nigeria is a faaaaat lie…and so are all its past and present leaders. I have been saying it and i’m saying it again that all the wicked leaders that are still alive will all die within a year. Starting with obj, then ibb, then buari, then BADLUCK and others will follow… Watch out!!! Where there is fear, there is orderliness.

  2. @moses the way u spoke shows dat u are a very bitter man. And i know ur bitterness is not dat we are not making progress as a country nor is it bcos our able president is not trying based on d kind of insecurity u and ur likes are causing. Moses i want u don’t know dat even if mr president leaves d stage tomorrow if his God (which u are not) wishes it will still be on record dat he has made his own contribution towards the greatness of his country just like other past leaders. So moses the big question is what have u and i contributed. Remember dat most of them started from scratch yet made it to d top today. So u see my dear moses u don’t have any excuse not to be part of d progress of ur country. As for me i am happily preparing myself and even contributing in any little way i could to our dear fatherland so we are actually not on the same level. Maybe because i don’t envy other people’s success. My dear moses it is well, i guess u are just frustrated, but even at dat u shouldn’t blame anyone for ur failures. U should instead blame urself probably for not heeding to ur parents advice when u were much younger. Or maybe u may want to tell me u are a graduate without a job if dats ur reason it again shows dat u are a liabily to ur country because i have an uncle who rejected a lucrative fed govt job to establish his own private company and he is doing well today. So my dear moses never give up u can start all over again it is never too late. All d best as u work on my friendly advice

  3. Smtimes i wonder wt some pple think our leaders are. Bcos goodluck is d president now,he has become supernatural human dt cant get sick or hv ailment dt normal pple hv. Im sure if mr president were to be moses cousin or uncle he will pray mercylessly & even suggest t God to kill him instead of his relative d president. Human are too selfish to see reason, we all are guilty of all wt is happening in our country bcos we built it frm d grass root. Moses dont be bettered but pray for him bcos he is making his own impact now,so dt wen it is ur turn or ur relative’s smone will pray too and not curse. Mr president i pray that the great healer dt sees ur motive & plan will heal you and reward you accordingly in Jesus name. Amen

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  5. Why is it that people are nt always satisfy wit wat dey have, mr president have been tryin his best to put the country in other but bad belle people will not let him b instead dey all sit down and talk bad against him, my dear nigerian pls let appriciat the gift God gave to us it is nt easy to b a leader let all join hand and suport our president Goodluck jonathan so dat our country will b a better place amen.

  6. Stan and Juan, GOD BLESS YOU for that SENSIBLE response. The likes of Moses are those who really need to ‘get well soon’ because a Patriotic citizen won’t pass such insensitive, myopic and ridiculous comment about the Number One Citizen of his fatherland. Whether you hail his efforts or not, God is using Mr President to make Nigeria better one step at a time. I and as many who wish others well, and also wish Nigeria well, will by God’s grace benefit from the good of this land. Bad belles like Moses can chose to kill themselves! #whocares


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