Human Error Inevitable In Aviation — AON boss

Worried by the unending crisis in the  aviation sector, President, Chartered Institute of  Aviation of Nigeria,  and Chairman, Airline Operators of Nigeria  Dr, Steve Mahonwu, says air safety could only be ensured through improvement in equipment and facilities at the airports .

Speaking at the 23rd convocation/ matriculation ceremony of the Institute Of Transport and Management Technology and official opening of International Training Centre of the institute, Manhonwu noted that aviation is a dynamic business and urged the country to imbibe the culture of training and retraining to promote aviation dynamics.

He explained that the opening of the of the institute’s International Training Centre marks a new dimension in the  transport sector as technology was being enhanced through training and retraining, adding that aviation safety is a continuous phenomenon .

The former Transport and Aviation Minister, Lt. General Jeremiah  Useni, also expressed concerns at the state of  the the nation’s aviation sector and  urged government to give encouragement to the aviation ministry to bring it back  to its glorious days.

The Rector of the institute, Dr. Victor Chibor, however said that, despite the huge challenges facing the sector, aviation has made immense contributions to national economy over the last 40 years, largely unknown to the generality of the population. [Vanguard]


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