Indian State Shows Hate To Nigeria: SEE Anti-Nigerian Billboards In Goa, India

A Goa Minister has kicked off a controversy calling Nigerians in the state a cancer and demanding that they be removed. The comment is likely to add to the diplomatic war on between India and Nigeria. “Good and quality tourists will not like to visit Goa seeing such a scene. These Nigerians are like a ‘cancer’. This will affect our coastal belt badly,” Goa Art and Culture Minister Dayanand Mandrekar said.

A Nigerian was killed in Goa recently which led to a protest by Nigerians living in the Indian state, the state government responded by cracking down on Nigerians in the state which has led to many Nigerians in the start to live in fear.

This banner is sad because Nigerians show love to the over 1 Million Indians who live and work in Nigeria. What is your take on this?





  1. That is a bold anti-nigerian sign. I think it should b dealt with @ d top goverment level.We can’t chase their people away from here. moreso,we don’t know what nigerians have done to them in Goa.Nigerians could av flooded them with drugs,we could be making a higher percentage of drug peddlers there.its a pity

  2. We have to deport indians back to their country or else they should stop maltreating nigerians living in their country.

  3. we shld b anti-indians nd depot indians 2 their country, bsides they ar chancing us of job opportunities in our country, dey must leave nd go back 2 their over populated country 2 suffer, indians must go.

  4. Well, it is unfortunate. I live in India under exchange program, where i live nobody has ever molested me or bullied me, I think we Nigerians are the cause of our problem, we live too lousy life knowing fully well we have no meaningful means of livelihood in India, still we live so large and extravagantly, and these locals kept wondering our source of income. The worst part of it is that 99% of them if not 100% are there illegally because Goa is tourist destination and not for studies, that’s why drug business is booming in that area due to influx of foreigners so they cannot say they are schooling.
    I am not justifying the killing of our brother but the signpost tells it all, to me is not racist, they are tired of Nigerians, even their police are afraid of us.
    They should better leave Goa and go back to Nigeria if they don’t have valid stay.
    If you live decent and responsible life locals will respect you no-matter what.

    • yeah..that’s reality Mr.JP…but the boldness of the billboard is something our government should look at!And again,is the drug imported from Nigeria?

      • Mr JP, i want to know weather the drug is imported from Nigeria to India or weather Nigerian have a factory were they manufacture drug in India ?

  5. Pls! Don’t be too forward here. We need to pause n ponder on this issue. Most nigerians out there are dealing drug while they claim to be students. They’ve probably had enough n that clearly shows in d post. We should watch ourselves too!

  6. This is wrong, getting alot of negative views in India as well as alot of airtime, Indians are saying arrest the peddlers but do not go after the community. Nigerians are involved in drugs in India yes, but so are Russians and Israeli, but they seem to be focusing on one group for now, Indians are hand in hand with these drug peddlers as well. Either way, I hope is resolved.

  7. Wait a minute! R dey saying d@ its only Nigerians d@ do drugs dere? Who buys d drugs, who uses? I mean I knw Nigerians as pure business mind, if dere’s no demand, dere’ll b no suppy! Seriously dis is lyke d biblical case of a woman caught in adultry, n dey attack d woman n let go of d man! Who knows, wit d@ signboard boldly written dere, any1 caught in d@ act will claim 2 b a Nigerian n we kip suffering d tongue lash 4 wat we arnt guilty of. Seriously, d government shd look in2 dis as a serious threat 2 our nationales in diaspora, n ofcos dis is a clear sign of racism!

  8. i dont blame dem…some nigerians hav really disgraced nigeria as a whole wit their stupid acts…but then again indians shud nt be talkin cuz they ain’t so perfect either havin all those deformed babies…it’s jus wrng.

  9. Its very sad but we Nigerian s we should abide by the rules in any other country that doesn’t blng to us.I also say No to drugs ,the is what killiln us they are the kind of people the tnsh the image s of our great nation.

  10. Its rili sad d kind of image we r creating 4 ourslf,Our brodas too r not helping matas,d world blivs dat its only Nigerians dat do bad thgs,cus some of Our brodas r so confident doing d wrong thg,Its like dat in Ghana too,any thg dat goes wrong here,is bn done by a Nigerian,We really nid 2 change dis image,Its not helping us,most especially those in diaspora,if u don’t ve anythg doing there,go back hm.

  11. This is indeed very sad for us back in Nigeria if I may ask what is the govt doi ng in this regard? why not stop relating with them since they hate us and drive all Indians living in this country back to thier country I see no reason why we should live with them again breaking ti es with them will not ln anyway destroy our economy.


    • yes i support u bro henry. they should deport all indians back to their country cus they dont like us at all. they call us all sort of names in their language. i hate them with passion.

    • Abdu my brother, All this nonsense and stupid act is the cos of Nigerian government, if Nigerian government put things in a very good sheep for their Citizens, nobody will think to go to India or travel to abroad.

  12. Let our govt make our country conducive for living and people will hardly travel out for ‘greener’ pastures. Other nationalities love their people but in Nigeria, we prefer to favour the foreigner to our own. Since most of the foreigners know why Nigerians are leaving their country, they will forever look down on us. And we are a people that like to react rather than to act. However, no country will like foreigners to come and pollute their countries that they labour hard to build. Please, if its true that Nigerians traffick drugs then you blame the Nigerians but its not an excuse for the dehumanising treatments. Again, you know that every black person outside Africa is a Nigerian except proven otherwise. Chei, Nigerians are suffering home and abroad so where do we go.

  13. Nigerians are Wide but we show love no matter yours colour we see you as one n yet they still hate US. With this am beginning to dislike Indians they are heartless people they only know and look after themselves. Its time we youths stand up and make a change, This Government needs to know we are more important than Corruption.

  14. Well i think if our Government can steak to a policy and enforce it accordingly there won’t be any issue in foreign countries Nigerians are, but the truth need to be told, if Nigerians oversea messed-up they should face the consequence instead of writing all sort of things against the populace of this great nation. Indian Government should do something serious about this or else Nigerians too will react in a very brutal way.

  15. The truth of the matter is that we Nigerians hate ourselves,if not tell me why we will leave the object and start chasing shadows and not until we change our attitude towards one another in this country called Nigeria the problem of humiliation we Nigerians face in and outside this country will continue,imagine ordinary Indians again humiliating us in their country when in actual fact they are over a million Indians in this country,here they live like Kings and queen irrespective of the kind of business they do whether legal or illegal,or have we forgotten the arm factory that was uncovered recently in Kano have you asked your self those behind it or you think it is Nigerians alone.If an American national commits any type of crime outside the shores of their country you will never hear them criticizing that person irrespective of his tribe, or do you think they don’t have check out during their election if you don’t win in the state of Florida you can’t be president have you ever ask yourself why it is so.The time has come for our Government to look into the activities of this foreign nationals particularly the Asians the way and manner they enslave us both here and outside is becoming alarming,in our own country we are at the mercy of this Asians in their country they see us as fouls just because the government have arrogated much power and honor to them that is why they can humiliate us in our country paying our citizens peanuts as salary while carting away our much needed foreign exchange to develop their country,Government should as a matter of urgency review all this anomalies in the interest of the citizenry as we are running out of patience.Again government should seek and investigate the killing of the Nigerian in India if not we will no longer believe in them,remember that true power is service and the president MUST serve all people especially the poor,the weak,the aged and above all the youth of this great nation. ”1sam 2:9-He protects those who are loyal to him.but evil people will be silenced in darkness.Power is not the key to success”GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  16. Some people comment really annoy me. How can they say we are spoiling our name over there. Can they swear and say that it’s only Nigerians that sell drugs over there. This is clearly racism. Look at dry India one of the poorest country in Asia. Tufiakwa! If they dont stop this rubbish, we would become anti-indians and start deporting them. How many Nigerians are even in India just a few tens of thousands while over here there are millions of them. Gosh! Maybe some other countries also do this over there and then they capitalize on the Nigerians. If not for Nigeria’s economy system, what would make someone go to India. A land where they worship nonsense and eat nonsense. I hate India. Poor country! Poor People! Tufiakwa! Mba! India is a NO! NO! NO!.

  17. In d@ case,Nigerian govt shld also place terms n conditions d@ will make Indian citizens uncomfortable 2. The only problem we have is d@ our govt do nt really value their citizens rather they give preference 2 immigrants.


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