Jonathan’s Re-Election Will Guarantee North-S/South Political Unity – Northern Reps

Acting under the aegis of the “Legacy Group” some members of the House of Representatives from the Northern part of the country stated President Goodluck Jonathan should serve another term.

2015-electionThe group has called on Northern leaders to concede another term to President Goodluck Jonathan with a view to sustaining the long-term political cooperation between the North and the South-South.

Their position was presented in a statement issued the group’s coordinatorRep Kaka Kyari Gujbawu (PDP, Borno).

From the point of view of the legislators,

“conceding of additional 4 years to President Jonathan of South-South extraction is an insignificant political price for the north to pay compared to sustain the 50 years of political alliance with the south-south, where in almost all cases, the north has been the highest beneficiary.”

Rep Gujbawu added the group see this move as the surest way to pass on to the upcoming generation a strategic political legacy between the two regions.

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  • This is wisdom speaking, the North should see things with the eyes of wisdom and allow Jonathan bring to completion his transformation agendas and complete the ongoing projects for the good of the whole country

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