KCee Dances Limpopo Back Into Ebube Nwagbo Arms, After Marriage Breakdown?


If you didn’t know, now you will.

The Limpopo master, KCee just got out of his serious fight with his wife (Ijeoma Okonkwo), the couple parted ways.

Apparently, KCee won’t be all tears as he can now run back into the arms of his former lover, sultry actress, Ebube Nwagbo.

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KCee and Ebube ended their relationship in 2010 when he got married to Ijeoma, but it never really seemed like the lovers were actually separated.

And after KCee split from Ijeoma recently, it seems possible that KCee and Ebube could come together once again.

However, a source close to the Limpopo singer claims that there is definitely going to be a KCee and Ebube reunion.

“It is possible and they are together again”, the source suggests that the lover’s breakup in 2010 was so bad and rough but they have come back together again.

“He taught her what not to look for in a guy,” the source adds. “And for that she’s thankful.”

“Ijeoma thinks it’s one big misunderstanding and she’s sure that they’ll be back on good terms once all this drama is over,” another source reported.


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