Kwankwaso: G7 Govs Will Play The Real Politics In 2015

Rebel-governors-360x225Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso of Kano State has said that the level of politics that will play out in 2015 would be unprecedented in the history of the country since the return to democratic rule in 1999.

He also said that the group of seven (G7) governors under the platform of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) will ultimately block another third term bid in the country in apparent reference to President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2015 ambition, the same way the 2006 third-term bid was killed.

Kwankwaso, who is one of the arrow heads of the G-7 governors, made these views known yesterday while speaking with the Hausa Service of British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, in London.

He said, “Since the return of democracy in 1999, the real politics will be played in this 2015. The last time a similar true democracy was played dated back to the third term period that was eventually killed, the same way that we would not allow this third term to scale through, by God’s grace.

“Where it is one-party rule in politics, it portends problems. That is why I welcomed the formation of APC because it is healthy for a democracy to have a strong opposition. And this is what disturbs PDP.

“Presently, no individual, local government or state, even a region in the country is important in the party. Because they will tell you whether you are there nor not, they must win election.

“That is why we called on Nigerians to understand that what is happening now is a true picture of democracy. But I have not lost interest in the party, rather, it is the party that seems to end its interest in us, in view of how they throw all sort of things at us.”

Kwankwaso also recalled the incident at the Kano State Governor’s Lodge in Abuja when a Divisional Police Officer (DPO) stormed the lodge and ordered the G7 governors to stop their meeting based on ‘orders from above’.

“Also, they went and arrested Sule Lamido’s sons, these things demonstrated absence of dignity in the system at all. Therefore, we were quite aware of such harassment and insults right from the beginning of this our course,” he said.


  1. Kwankwaso,
    What type of politics are you going to play that you have not played? The much you can do is treachery.
    It’s most unfortunate that you are labeling the arrest of the Lamido brothers as harassment.
    Why don’t you allow justice to prevail? It is rather too early to make such a sweeping statement.

  2. Mr Wamakwo go home and seat down your fight is so selfish and baseless if not for Obasanjo’s statement did any of you ever thought of your selfish battles you claim to be fighting today. The citizens are the real democrats and not drowns like you G7 fighting the Nation down thinking you are doing for the masses. You better grow up and live responsibly

  3. Kwankwaso you think people are so dum like u or people are so back ward like u dat they dnt kwn wat is going on in the society abi wat did u take us for a fool i dnt think so let me tell u u only hv one vote the remining one is for the youth so dere is notthing u can do about it cos you guy are salfish cos u guy are not fighting the the masses but u guy pocket hw to get richer an d poor getong pooral so stop pretend as if u care becos u are not.