Kwara First Lady Not Involved In Lagos Accident That Killed Two Persons, Says Gov’s Spokesman


Kwara State First Lady, Mrs Omolewa Ahmed, has denied widespread reports that linked her convoy with a traffic accident in Lagos last week in which two people were reportedly killed.

Rising in defence of the governor’s wife, a statement by the spokesman to Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, Dr. Femi Akorede, challenged publishers of the report to produce the police report linking Mrs. Ahmed or her convoy with the said incident.

The statement added that contrary to the report, Mrs. Ahmed narrowly escaped the accident.

“On that day, Mrs. Ahmed was returning from visiting someone in hospital when her convoy narrowly escaped being hit by a truck. The reported accident, tragic as it is, had nothing to do with Mrs Ahmed or her convoy. However, any loss of life is tragic and sad no matter the cause. Furthermore, Mrs Ahmed was unaware of what happened until she got to Ilorin and was told about the near-mishap,” he said.


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