Ladies: Here Is The One Place You Can NEVER Meet A GOOD Man


Clubs are a great place to party; but are usually not the number one place love connections are made. Note: there is a difference between a genuine love connection and a boóty call.

The latter can almost always be found at a club, in case that’s what you’re looking for; but if you’re looking for more, you have to consider the places you’re searching.

I’ve met a lot of guys at parties and the club; but none of the relationships ever went past a phone call or a couple of dates. Usually things end like this because the guy calls me the wrong name when he contacts me the next day because he’s probably collected too many numbers. Or sometimes, the connection falls short because he doesn’t seem as attractive on the inside or outside like when I took his number in the dimly-lit club.

Consider this: The place you meet your future boo shouldn’t be the place you want him to stop going after you start dating. Basically, if he frequents the clubs when you meet him, he may not be ready to give that up just because he’s with you. After all, that is the place the two of you first encountered one another.

This is not to say that no love connections are made in the club; but it’s typically not the place you should go to seek out a romantic encounter. There are plenty of good places to meet good men. And usually it’s best to search where the two of you would have a common interest. If you love jazz, go to more venues that highlight that type of music and vibe. If you could live in a book all day, go to a bookstore to meet your future bookworm boo. Or if you want a man of God or at least one who is trying to be, then you should probably attend more church outings (don’t sit in service peeping the scene, that’s not the time or place). If you’re not sure where to start, join the Single’s Ministry at your church.

While I wish that I knew all of the best places to find men, I don’t. I do know that every woman looking for love should be more mindful of the places they’re looking. I’ve heard so many of my friends and at times myself, say we hope we meet a good guy while going out to a not-so-good place. So before you give up and say that there simply aren’t any good men out there, evaluate the places you go and have been looking.

Are you guilty of looking for love in all the wrong places?

Source: Madame Noire