Lami Philips Takes Shot At Upcoming Celebrities

I don’t get it. Why are already made celebrities hating on the new comers??

Singer Lami Philips has joined the hating camp as she posted an article on her blog titled Celebrity Mumuism, where she called out ‘upcoming’ celebs on their ‘lies’.

For the record, Lami you aren’t even a big celebrity to me, very few people know your songs, except the one with M.I

Anyways, read her article below: –

Now whenever upcoming “celebs” post pictures with other established “celebs” in clothes from a stylist they have paid approximately 20k or so and with bling that aint quite bling….talking about “ we outchea making it happen”…then wait till after the function to hitch a ride knowing they squatting at some friends place and don’t know where their next meal is coming…I tag that as mumuism. The interesting thing is that this “mumuism” has a snowball effect. Other people see it and want to be like them and quit school or work in the hopes that they also can one day take pictures with these people.
At the risk of sounding like a sour grape…when all is said and done…common sense will never be outdated. I don’t see the sense in creating a false image of success at the detriment of your own peace of mind.
I get it if your “faking it till you make it” but the “faking it” process better have a plan and a timeline if not your going to wind up being that person people use as a bad example.

Oh now I feel bad already! I should be nice right?! I shouldn’t go in on the fatally insecure ones who would do just about anything to be “popular”. Hey ..if you can “Kim Kardashian” your quest and somehow make money from it…..great!! BUT, if all you focus on is how to get in on paparazzi pics after spending money you don’t have on a makeup artiste and stylist …then you end up being the “….and friend” tag in the spread of pics.,….I say “epic fail”.

My take on life is figure out what you are actually good at , perfect that talent /skill, and then map out a plan to make it work for you without compromising the essence of your sincere identity.

At the end of the day, all these people we try to impress aint going to bed thinking about us and will move on when the next person comes along serving something slightly close to your offering.
You’ve got to figure out who you are (with the help of your creator) and make that work for you.
It makes no sense to struggle at being someone else!! God didn’t create clones or Robots. If He wanted to He would have. He created Unique human beings….so do that…be Unique…Be you….

These are the random musings of Lami. Phillips… till my next rant…. Stay happy and drink coffee… xx


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