Lamido Cancels His Plans to Fight for Sons Release

November 14, 2013, Thursday, can be marked as a black day for the family of the Governor of Jigawa state, Sule Lamido, as two of his sons, Mustapha Lamido, the District Head of Bamaina, and his elder brother, Aminu Lamido,were taken into custody by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over the allegation of money laundering.

alhaji_sule_lamidoThe duo was picked up in their separate homes in Kano on Thursday’s night and were flown to Abuja by the Anti-graft agency for further investigation.

According to the sources of Saturday Vanguard, Mustapha Lamido, alumnus of University of Abuja, and his elder brother, Aminu Lamido, who is also a 2010 mass communication graduate from Bayero University Kano, were been investigated for alleged money laundering to the tune of N11billion.

The development is coming on the heel of arrest and conviction of Aminu Sule Lamido July 12th 2013 by a Federal High Court in Kano for laundering $50,000 US Dollars.

The Governor of Jigawa state, who has already arrived to Sokoto ahead of Saturday’s Rotimi Amaechi faction of Governor’s forum retreat, was forced to return to Abuja to confront the development.

“I must confess to you that Lamido is completely shattered by the development and has sacrificed every other schedule at the moment to confront the emergency.

“Lamido is too passionate about his children and he would do everything at this trying moment to secure their freedom,” a source close to the Governor revealed.

Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, the EFCC spokesman, confirmed that two persons were arrested in Kano for money laundering, and investigation was on.

In the meantime, uneasy calm pervades the ancestral home of Lamido Friday as the news filtered in that their District head popularly referred to as Hakimi, Mustapha Lamido and his elder brother, Aminu Sule has been nabbed by EFCC over money laundering.

Most respondents who appeared piqued by the turn of event were of the opinion that the arrest was politically motivated as they stressed that “we believe in prayers and we would take our case to God for his intervention”.


  1. Leave dem alone, all dis while u don’t knw dey were stealin until nw dat dey have problem wit jonathan?. Pls leave lamido alone he has done a lot for our state

  2. @Dan Jigawa, why are u talking as if u r a fool.. So u want to match what Lamido did in the state to the amount of money found with the children. Sule, Mustapha and the Gov are all thieves.. They will use our state to take care of their own needs and prepare for election.. Don’t you know that they are suppose to be paying us all as citizens of Jigawa state..You better have a rethink okay..

  3. @yuguda I always wonder how you people believe this arrest is not related to politic.if you think lamido can steal such amount of money then how much isa yuguda can steal ? I think there is no any stupid thief who has no focus whatsoever to his people like isa yuguda.can you tell a useful project done in bauchi by so call coward yuguda? Nothing is there to show. You can only see the thousand of fucking hooligans who he appointed as his special assistance.

  4. @yuguda, dis is jigawa! Wher on earth will dey get 11billion to steal frm? Haba use ur sense. Toh!…hw much allocation do we receive from fgn?..and u knw our governor doesn’t owe salaries so hw on earth can he steal 11billion! Haba mana, dis is just politics. Toh all dis while wat hv d stupid efcc bn doin?…@ yuguda if dey want to work dey should come down to cross river n bayelsa here wher I work. Its a mess. Den I’ll knw dey r out 4 buisness.

  5. I find this stuff unusual and unbelievable so I don’t have to say that the allegation is just trying to destabilize Lamido’s political picture. To hell with THEM (Those believing that the allegation is unpolitical) !!!


  6. They might be thieves, but why arresting them now that the governor is in logger head with the president? This means that those thieves that are in good term with the president go scot free.

  7. Politics or no politics, what we should be asking is this…..was 11 billion naira laundered? If it the answer is yes, then they
    should be jailed. Period!!!!

  8. Why is it that any one who have problem with PDP is the once always involve in crimes but when did they are all under PDP the EFCC did not aeriest any one why now?……..if the EFCC want to really do there work let them start from Jonathan him self to OBJ then move to other body then we will know that they are doing there work…………they are playing political games when you are on there side you are free but when you are not on there side you are bad once why?……….what happen to our full sub?…the kerosine that the president say is 50 naira per litter? if he really know what he is doing why dont he start from where his boss stop? where is 7 point agenda?….


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