Leaders Should Be Elected Based On Competence, Not Religion – CAN

The General Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the 19 northern states and Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Professor Daniel Babaye, yesterday urged Nigerians to elect politicians on the basis of competence rather than on religious sentiments as it is impossible to have a government completely rooted in a particular religion.

Babaye, who spoke at a conference organised by the Christian Awareness Initiative (CHAIN) in Kaduna, added that any government that fails to provide social amenities for the people should be regarded as unserious, irrespective of the leader’s religious inclination.

“There is nothing like a Christian government and there will never be. It’s a fallacy for someone to say we need a Christian government. It has never happened, and it will not happen because leadership comes from God and anyone that does not do well, God will bring him down,” Babaye said.

He added: “Everyone must participate in bringing good leaders that will work for the good of Nigeria. Voting based on religious basis has only succeeded in breeding institutions that are irresponsive. Tafawa Balewa and Sir Ahmadu Bello were leaders that left government without anything to show as wealth. Today, the reverse is the case and we must stand up to elect leaders based on competence and not religion”.


Speaking in the same vein, former CAN National Secretary, Engr. Samuel Salifu, called on Christians, Muslims and the press to unite for a better Nigeria, just as he noted that the CHAIN programme was the beginning of a re-awakening process for Nigerians.

Salifu expressed dismay that there are so many criminals hiding under the cloak of religion adding, “If Nigeria doesn’t want to experience what is happening in Somalia, we must sit and talk. Candidates standing elections should not be judged by their religious affiliations. Anyone that has promised without fulfilment should not be allowed to govern because many children have graduated six to seven years without jobs”.

Chief Executive of CHAIN, Rev John Joseph Hayab said the seminar was organised to create awareness having realized the introduction of a bad dimension in Nigerian politics.


  1. What Nigeria needs now are religious leaders. What a double-standard for a preacher? The first set of leaders were religious despite claims of paper incompetance. Now we have qualified Phd holder as president, things are not better than them, but instead worst and things deteriorating.Can’t u think correctly?


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