MONSTER MOTHER: Woman Sells Her Baby In Airport Toilet (Video)

A mother was arrested in Turkey for allegedly trying to sell her baby to a couple in a toilet at an airport.article-2490191-1940318900000578-699_634x451

The 22-year-old, identified as only Dinara A, was spotted arriving in a taxi at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport with her mother and the child in a carrycot.

Turkish police have released CCTV showing how she then apparently arranged to meet up with buyers of her infant.

After she stepped out of the cab she can be seen taking a glance at her baby in one hand and then speaking on her mobile phone in the other hand.

The security footage then shows the buyers walking around the airport, the woman with a handbag and then man with a red suitcase heading to meet her.

Another camera captures the moment when Dinara A enters a public toilet with the baby, followed by the other woman.

The mum is then seen leaving empty-handed in the corridor and the other woman emerges from the facility with the baby.

Police later revealed the woman agreed to hand over the child to the Turkish-born German couple during the incident in September in exchange for $500.

But the sale did not go to plan as shortly afterwards the German woman realised she could not get the baby through passport control so she took it back to the toilet.

She later called police claiming she had found the baby in the toilet.

Suspicious airport officials discovered the transaction after watching security camera footage, which had captured the entire incident.

Police returned the four-month-old infant to her mother, who was caught at the airport.

The German woman reportedly denied charges of attempting to purchase a baby, claiming that he had only wanted to help the mum by lending her some money so that she could look after her baby.

But she was released after giving evidence about the plan. Dinara A, an illegal immigrant from Turkmenistan, and her baby, and mother were later deported from Turkey.

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