My New Friend’s Boyfriend Is My Husband? What Should I Do?

I’m very much in love with my husband, although most times he rarely has time for me, always claiming he’s busy.


I try to be understanding and over look many things.

But something happened on this particular day, I had a wedding to attend, and then begged my husband, if he could drop you off at the wedding, unfortunately he turned deaf ears to my plea claiming he had a very busy Saturday and had to even work at the office.

I overlooked it without making it such a big deal and ended up taking a cab to the wedding. At the wedding, I meet a young lady, within my age bracket, we jisted  and became friends. So when I was about taking my leave, I asked how she came to the wedding and she told me her amazing boyfriend who does everything for her brought her to the wedding.

She persuaded me to wait, because she’s sure her boyfriend who will be coming again to pick her once she called and will be nice enough to drop you at home. I decided to wait for my friend’s boyfriend since it would reduce the stress and cost of me taking a cab.

Eventually he arrived and as soon as I sighted my friend’s boyfriend car he looked like my husband’s own but I decided not to over-react because I wanted to be sure he was the one and catch him red-handed.

Fortunately, my husband didn’t get to see me until I had entered the back seat. Immediately he looked back and saw me he was shocked as hell but acted normal as if he did not know me as he tried to chat with his ‘girlfriend’ as usual.

He however could not keep up with the act as his nervousness became very evident even to my ‘new friend.’

He then dropped me off at our matrimonial home, and I alighted even thanking him as I watched him drive off to drop his ‘girlfriend’….

How should I handle my husband’s insulting and disrespectful behavior? Its sad enough that he is cheating on me. What do you think I should do to my husband?


  1. Calmly ignore him. If he is serious about his family, he will come back on his knees.
    Else, just forget the marriage, if he’s not interested in it anymore, no point trying to fight for someone who doesnt want you.
    So sorry about this though.

  2. You fall my hand sha! Of what level of fear are you operating from? That what will happen to you? That he will do what later? YOUR HUSBAND! and you agreed to let the game go on? I don’t wanna abuse you but I think you should have reacted immediately. Good luck to your answer

  3. Madam first of all I want to appreciate ur maturity it show that u re really a good house wife cos to engage ur husband in fighting immediately ll not end the matter instead it will worse the sutiaton now listen the only solution,I will give u is that park ur belonging in his present and go back to ur husband house at village,I bet u while doing so he will like to make piece with u. Not to allow another ear to hear it cos he know that he has offend u and the promise he make b4 God in alter when u travel to village he ll not wait for his people to summon him b4 he ll come cos of not to allow the news to spray the whole village and tarnish his image.dat is how u ll get ur husband bk.thank u


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