My Wife Has Changed After We Got Married From The Beautiful Woman I Fell In Love With To A Completely Different Person

I met my wife whilst on a business trip to Abuja last year. To say she was stunning is an understatement but what attracted me to her was the attention she gave her body, watched her weight, had this nice scent and was particular of her general looks.


I married her nine months after we began dating and then everything changed. My once beautiful and trendy lady lost all that dazzle immediately we got married. She stopped using makeup and fragrance.

She seemed to no longer care how she looked and for me that was one of the things I saw that made me fall in love and marry her. Now it appears all that has gone and it really saddens me. I feel like she used all that body attention to lure me and as soon as we got married decided to show her true nature.

I’ve complained so many times but she doesn’t seem to care. Its been six months we’ve been married and am already fed up and irritated with this new person. I’m no longer attracted to her.

How do I handle this. What should I do?


  1. you got married to a alady because she was attractive due to the way she makes up herself fine , it is a good thing. but seems that after the marriage she cares no more to make up herself hmm! bad for her and bad for is the question are you been enchanted by her ?is taking your responsibilities ? are you the man or she is the man? if she is aint one of these then dump her in the rubbish bin were she belongs .the last time i checked it it isn’t a crime to marry for beauty. dump her men. no second thoughts…

  2. Just Look for second wife to complement her then she will realise that your NO is NO & your YES is YES. Don’t force her to change ok! She’ll be the one to start asking U what U want her to do to make U happy. Some women are Idiot from birth they just cover there body with trouser & cloth.

    • hey, don,t insult some women. the man should be blame by just marring beauty and not morals without knowing that beauty can fade at a glance. yes i believe that first impression matters alot.maybe he is not doing his work as a man. maybe he is not caring for her. he is just after her beauty. or may be she is the man of the house, the pillar of the house. i,m a woman, i cannot just marry a man cos he is handsome. after all most handsome men are the worst men by morals. as a woman i will know what make him a man he claim to be. pls don,t insult any woman. thank u.

  3. It’s quite unfurtunate that you feel for the beauty of your wife and not her personality, that was a mistake on your path which you have to bear it’s result, going for another woman won’t do because you never can tell, she may even be worse compare to your wife, whereas non of those asking you to get another wife won’t be there to help you solve the problems when it arise, remember women are problematic, the more they are the more your problems. Prayerfully discuss it with her and things will work out well.

  4. Wow! How easy it is to generalize without thinking @ Ayanfeoluwa. Your statement “remember women are problematic” is very uncivil and unkind. It is advisable to maintain peace with all, no matter what.

    To the writer, you went into marriage for the very wrong reasons. I sympathize with you on your present situation, but the remedy lies with you and your wife. Communication is key. If you’ve not had a good flow of communication previously, you can still do something about it. Have a heart to heart talk with your wife, find out if there are issues she’s facing that you’re unaware of. Your concern should be first and foremost for her, and then both of you can work at meeting yours. Frankly, it’s most productive when the union is more about the other party and not self. The ‘self’ (your desire) oftentimes, falls in place without much ado from you. A successful marriage is ALWAYS / MOSTLY about the other person. Show some selfless love and see it reciprocated. God bless and keep your home.

  5. 1. Why on earth will U̶̲̥̅̊ marry som1 bcos of beauty? Are U̶̲̥̅̊ a learner???
    2. Maybe d duties U̶̲̥̅̊ assigned τ̲̣̣̥ǿ her doesn’t give her the chance τ̲̣̣̥ǿ take care of herself, cos some pple will turn their wives τ̲̣̣̥ǿ legal slaves just bcoz they feel like “Yes! ℓ̊’m d man” They always wanna be in charge! Just check Ūя̲̅self and discover d lapses in Ūя̲̅ home b4 U̶̲̥̅̊ judge d woman.

  6. I don’t know why u are all castigating the man, what is the crime in marrying a beautiful woman and expecting her to try and be presentable. All the ladies complaining here, do any of the married ones here dress shabbily or unkempt at home? Being married doesn’t stop u from looking nice. Moreover they haven’t been married for a year and u expect the guy to keep quiet after speaking to her. These are primitive generations of women that thinks when you marry then everything goes to the toilet.
    All I can say is that try and make her see reason and if she doesn’t budge, threaten her with divorce. If still no show, start an affair. If u can’t stomach an affair then divorce her. This is just the harsh reality.

  7. Don’t divorce! You’ll have problems. You are a man,ain’t u? It must work. Work it out. . If u marry some1 b’cos of makeup in the first place is totally WRONG,of all the reasons for marriage, MAKEUP? It’s so incredible and shallow. Just pray to God to forgive you and fix your marriage. And take away your marriage regrets,the makeup marriage

  8. its all ur fault man! u ddnt marry her cuz u truly loved her, u married her cuz of her looks.. nw u feel she hs changed. cnt a woman be beautiful widawt make-up? abeggi, check urslf… na ojukokoro dey worry u.

  9. My dear marriage is not what u rush in nd rush out is matter of time nd patience if we all that re married start complaining nd divorcing may be we wll end up marrying many husbands nd wives, like somebody said pregnancy can make a woman nt to use cream,soap nd perfume she is use to, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to look beautiful bt condition made to be so just gve her time, pray togather nd communicate always don’t gve devil chance to lure ur marriage cos of mare beauty cos u don’t knw what might happen to u tomorrow nd she wll be there for u just hope u re readn our reply GOD BLESS U ND UR WIFE

  10. Most of u guys fail to understand the fact that when someone brings up their challenge to the open seeking for advice.. what they actually nid is patting but not slamming.. so stop slamming the guy.. is never wrong to marry a lady cox she is beautiful.. i wud advice u take her out on a trip.. well sitted in all criousness.. u ask her what d reason is why she isn’t bothered about her looks again…. from dia u wud knw d problem nd den d solution

  11. My dear,so sorry dat u fell in luv wth her make up bt d solution here is not divorce… marriage is lyk a package,what u see inside,u take and endure. or Union is still young so there’s enough tym to mould it into what u wnt!!!!! ur wife,am sorry is a FOOL bcos she 4got DAT beauty,neatness etc is not all abt finding husband bt maintaining it even after!!!!!!So be patient

  12. Call ur wife and let her understand ur feeling about d way she looks.maybe at one point in time u don’t appreciate her whenver she look good, dis can make her nt to really care anymore. Try talking to her again I believe she will change. All d best.

  13. just as akinola and onyinye says just be patience with her may be she is actually pregnant or she just feel she has got a husband now no need for makeup. pls communicate well with her and understand what the prblm is. i wish u all the best.

    • bros, you just have to be patient because you have married her and you just have to take it like that. divorce is not the solution because another person you are going to marry, you dont know the kind of attitude she too will portrate so just speak to her brain and let her realize that what you saw in her that make you propose to her is no more there and with prayer i believe she will change.


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