Mysterious Goat Delivers Human-like Kid In Ekiti

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A mysterious occurrence recorded in the rural community of Olori Oko near Ogotun Ekiti in Ekiti South-West Local Government of Ekiti State has left mouths opened in surprise as goat allegedly gave birth to a strange creature.

Olori- Oko, a farm stead dominated by people of Ede and Modakeke in Osun State is about six kilometres to Ogotun Ekiti and three kilometres away from Ikeji Arakeji in Osun State, with about 500 residents, witnessed a huge, bewildered crowd that stormed the serene community from the neighboring towns and villages to catch a glimpse at the strange birth.

An eye witness, who is also a  member of the community, Mr. Ganiyu Adetokun, said the strange goat delivered the kid at about 6a.m., yesterday, after a long and protracted labour lasting for about 10 hours.

According to him, a Pastor, Daniel Odedele, resident in the community had to intervene by forcing the baby out of the goat’s genital when it was apparent that it could not deliver it unaided.

“Strangely, the kid  had human hairs on its head  and female genital similar to that of human being. Then people started raising alarm,” he said.

The kid was said to have survived for about one and a half hours before it died.

According to the eyewitness, the incident have been formally reported to the Ologotun of Ogotun Ekiti , Oba Samuel Oyebade, adding that the residents would take a step further by making necessary sacrifice and appeasements to gods of the land to forestall calamity from befalling them as a result of the strange birth.


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