1. Governor Amaechi the leader of false alarm Nigeria. We are learning your antics of false hood laying allegations to the defer their personality against your evil corrupt ideology of deceit. God has withdrawn your relevance from you early enough.

  2. @Donjeff,you’re out of your sense to call a whole governor ‘lunatic’ just because he said truth,why do you people like craving indulgence on bad and selfish govt leaders in Nigeria? Your barbaric idiotic tribalism and sentimentalism causes the banes and balkanism that affects our country and economy development in our country. Definitely,if you’re all so opportune in the future to be in their shoes you’ll dent the country’s image that have drastically ruined by this so called tyranny leaders in the helm of our country affairs.

  3. All of u calling Ameachi names are either those Nigerians that have accepted poverty as their blessings or are pertakers in the corruption that is killing our country if not why not take time to investigate, afterall the freedom of imformation bill has given us the right beside they done know Nigeria is a rich country

  4. Amaechi should not play to the deceit of the opposition who has no plans for Nigeria. i will not call you names but I’m sure that the people you are trying to discredit has the interest of Nigeria in their heart and you where once with them until you followed those people who wants power by all means. please stop discrediting people with false accusations.