New Home Rental Website for Singles Lets People Search For HOT Housemates


A new website has mixed dating and renting to help you choose attractive people to live with.

LoveRoom opened last week and claims to match single attractive people together around the world, by asking personal questions just like a dating website.

The only difference is these questions relate to home interiors too.

It tries to match like-minded personalities before asking the million dollar question, what do you look like?

It describes itself as: “A platform where single people from all around the world can rent their living space to others under one condition: they need to be attractive.”

It allows users to search age range, location, gender and sexual preference, and uses Facebook to verify the identities.

Users can then approve or deny based on what that person looks like and whether they are single or not.

Founder Joshua Bocanegra came up with the idea after struggling to rent out his own property, and is now reportedly looking for developers to launch the full site in time for Valentine’s Day.


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