NFF to Probe the Fracas between its Secretary and Vice-President in Abu Dhabi

The president of the Nigeria Football Federation has reportedly called for a probe of the fracas which ensued between the vice-president of the federation, Chief Mike Umeh and its secretary Musa Amadu at the Abu Dhabi stadium on the final day of the 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup last Friday.

Both NFF ExCo member were at loggerheads after Chief Umeh lost his cool that he, as vice president of the federation, was not given one of the 20 VIP tickets allocated to Nigeria and he verbally attacked Musa for that. Apparently angry about the development he yelled at Musa that he was “useless”, while the latter angrily retorted Umeh was an idiot.

The two men, whose tickets only allowed them to seat outside the VIP stand, were almost making a mess of the situation before intervention.

Nigeria Football Federation.
Nigeria Football Federation.

According to Vanguard Sport, NFF president, Maigari, is unhappy with the shameful incident, which was reportedly brought to fore by other members who witnessed it unfold, and wants the federation to probe matter.

‘It was a case of two wrongs. Umeh was said to have lost his cool and called Musa a “useless” person which was wrong. Musa was also wrong to have said that Umeh was an idiot and useless.

‘He had actually explained that he knew nothing about the VIP tickets allocated to Nigeria but Umeh expected him to be accountable to such tickets as Secretary-General of the federation.

‘As Vice President of the Federation Umeh deserved a VIP ticket. It was absolutely wrong not to have given him one. But should he have lost his cool? And when he did should Musa have attacked him too, knowing the supposed authority of Vice President of the federation? He was also said that “over my dead body” would he apologise to Umeh,’ reports Vanguard Sport.


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