OMG! Policeman Kills And Eats His Male Lover

Police in Dresden, Germany, say they have arrested a 55-year-old police officer on suspicion of murder after the body of another man was found in the Erz mountains in eastern Germany.


According to the police, there are indications that parts of the victim may have been eaten.

The deceased lived in Hanover and had been reported missing.

The police suggests that the two men met via an internet site for those interested in sex with torture.

They believe that the victim was tortured, killed and dismembered, and that his body parts were buried on a piece of land in the mountainous region which belonged to the alleged killer.

Reportedly some body parts of the victim have not been found and the police presume that cannibalism took place.

At the moment it is not clear whether the killing was deliberate or whether it was the playing out of fantasy which went wrong.

Source: Punch Nigeria

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