[PHOTOS] What Your Urine Color Says About Your Health

Colors of the Rainbow


Urine is made up of water and waste materials from your body. There are many reasons your urine can change color, such as food, drugs, poison and general health. Pale yellow is considered the normal color of urine, so anything different may be a health problem or an indication that you ate something not so great for you. Check out this gallery and see what your urine color tells you about your health.



Drinking Water and Clear Urine

Clear urine is normal when you drink large amounts of water or other diuretics. It probably just means you are well hydrated


Vibrant Yellow

Man Sweating

Urine that is a rich yellow color may indicate that you haven’t been drinking enough liquids. This deep yellow can also occur after excessive sweating. No need for alarm, just drink more fluids!


Dark Yellow

Person With Jaundice

Dark yellow urine that is not vibrant is an indicator of a few things. Most commonly not drinking enough water. It may also indicate jaundice or liver problems. Pictured is a person with jaundice. The whites of the eyes turn yellow, too.


Carrots and Urine

Carrots and carrot juice (or certain medications) could be to blame for orange urine. However, this color may indicate that there is an excess of Vitamin C in your system. Simply lighten your intake of vitamin C heavy foods.




Brown urine can be caused by certain foods, like fava beans or even laxatives, but it can also be a sign of a serious condition. Liver disease, melanoma cancer and hepatitis can all cause urine to have a brown tinge. So if your diet has gone unchanged recently, you may want to talk to a doctor about the color of your urine and the cause.



Urinary Tract Infection UTI

A urinary tract infection (UTI) or certain drugs can cause your urine to look a bit green. If your slightly green urine is also accompanied by discomfort or burning while you urinate, you should see a doctor who can diagnose you with a UTI or other condition.



Calcium and Urine

Urine with a slight blue tint is an indicator of high calcium levels. You can talk to your doctor about your diet or any supplements you are taking to fix this problem. Blue-ish urine can also be caused by certain bacterial infections, however, so let your doctor know as soon as you notice the color change.



Red Beats and Urine

Red urine can be caused by many things. Large amounts of red food dye or naturally red foods can change the color in the toilet. Red beats are notorious for this very thing.

However, red urine can also indicate the presence of blood. Bloody urine can be a sign of bladder infections or serious internal injuries. If you haven’t eaten red foods lately and suspect that your urine contains blood, you should see your doctor immediately.

Source: ChaCha