Professional Photographer, Yomi Black Disses His Ex-girlfriends


It’s really cute when men are proud to show off their beautiful girlfriends or wives; but is it really that necessary to rub it in the face of other people?

Popular photographer, OAP and media entrepreneur, Yomi Black, obviously never thought he could date such a beauty, talk-less of getting married to one.

The professional photographer went on his Instagram page to brag about the beautiful woman in the above photo, who happens to be his wife.

Yesterday he shared the above photo of his wife above on his Instagram page, praising her beauty while yabbing his ex-girlfriends.

Yomi wrote “OK, she is f**king fine….#damn.”


  1. But let’s face it……liz is fiiiiiiiiiiine,omo liz na beauty n plus she can cook. ………yomi diss them well hehehehehehehehe

  2. Oboi, if u be man nd u kissed dt lips nd u no brag wit am,,,oboi na haf man u be oo. Beyonce no even rich dt woman. She 2 fyn pass mami-water, baby gal god bless ur moda nd bless ur fada. If u get ynger one abeg giv me..i go tlk pass black


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