Sani Condemns Foreign Accounts For Public Officers


The President, Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria (an NGO), Mr Shehu Sani, on Friday condemned a proposed law by the National Assembly to legitimise the operation of foreign accounts by public officers.

Sani in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna said the law would encourage stealing of public funds.

“Legalising foreign accounts for public office holders amounts to statutory construction of channel in which public funds can have an easy sailing out of the country.

“Permitting public office holders to own overseas account will encourage and support a wholesale evacuation of our resources to foreign banks.


“The new law if approved will simply impoverish the country and enrich foreign banks”, Sani said.

He advised that public office holders who earn their salaries in Naira should be made to keep their earnings in Naira and in Nigeria.

According to Sani, the alarming and pervasive level of corruption in Nigeria should call for tighter laws to stem the tide.

“Nigeria should not be a sanctuary for thieves; legislators should tightening the noose against corrupt persons,’’ he added. (NAN)



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