SCANDAL: Nigerians Insulted Again by Obamacare Program Fighters

It appears that President Barack Obama haters in the U.S.A. got used to picking Nigerians as soft targets in their campaign against Obama’s healthcare programme (Obamacare).

ann-coulter-340x336Last month a Republican, Sen.Ted Cruz, compared the glitches plaguing the website for Obama’s signature health care law to the methodologies of “Nigerian e-mail scammers”.

“You may have noticed that all the Nigerian email scammers have become a lot less active lately. They all have been hired to run the Obamacare website,” Sen. Cruz said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

This comment drew the diplomatic anger of Nigeria and an apology was exacted from the Senator.

And now another American has run riot with her pen.

Ann Coulter (pictured), a rabid conservative ideologue, in an article posted on Yahoo!, also ridiculed Nigerians, and also in connection with Obamacare. The excerpt of what she wrote is given below:

“Nigeria, for example, leads the world in criminal enterprises. Every level of Nigerian society is criminal, with the smart ones running Internet scams, the mid-range ones running car theft rings, and the stupid ones engaging in piracy and kidnapping. At the University of Lagos, you can major in credit card fraud…

“There were almost no Nigerians in the United States until the 1970s. Today, there are nearly 250,000 Nigerians in the U.S. (committing the cyber-crime Americans just won’t do!). In 2011, we took in more immigrants from Nigeria than from the United Kingdom (9,246 from the U.K. and 9,344 from Nigeria)”.


From Wikipedia: Ann Hart Coulter (born December 8, 1961) is an American conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer.


  • She is very stupid n clueless 4 sayin tinz lyk dat…@ least we r nt sick n retarded lyk her fellow americans dat would jst wlk in2 an airport n shoot evry1 dead or in2 a schl full of little children n shoot dem dead 4 no reason. She shld get her facts ryt or shut d hell up!

  • That lady is a big fool.Akuke is far better than her.she will die in jealousy and hatred.that’s why she’s looking like a pencil,idiotic journalist,up naija jareee.

  • Pls fellow great Nigerians,it is just one irrational,nonchalant disdainful fellow 4rm great America.Perharps,frustrated nd unhealthy. I suggest we tear her down and nt other innocent Americans whom have said none offensively to us. She lacks good manners. It is good to wrong back at those that have wronged us.She will never have peace until she has tendered an unreserved appology to innocent Nigerians she insulted nd accused.God bless Nigeria.God bless America and the WORLD.

  • Point of correction! Ma’am,do not generalize ur study on some Nigerians on d whole. There r alot of good lots.To ma fellow Nigerians,we cry when such comments r made concerning Nigerians when most of w@ she’s written r not far from d truth. Its not worth defending our country’s name when comments made r bout 70% true. I knw some 9ja clowns wld say I’m not a patriot. Patriotism doesn’t mean being a liar.Majority of our(Nigerians’)evil deeds portraied by nigerians meant to represent our father’s land out there have placed us where we now find ourselves. Our leaders can do nothing bout dis cos they r also far more rotten eggs . We need to change when criticisims r made n stop pretending to b hurt when we knw d truth. I still LOVE Nigeria better than any other country or countries put together. Nigerians I salute!

  • The deductions of a paranoid and deluded mind. I hope the next time she smokes weed and crack cocaine she remembers to include how much contribution Nigeria has made to the US economy and education system.

  • …We don’t have to blame her at all. ‘Cos is not her fault. Come to think of it, our government is very week when it comes to protecting its citizens. So why won’t such a ”toothpick” call coulter call us names. If only our government will value the lives of Nigerians, only then will things take proper shape, just like the rest of the world. See what is happening to Nigerians living in India today. Nigerians are being killed daily; go to South African, China and even Ghana and see what Nigerians are going through. Any crime now committed by any black man, is pushed to Nigerians without proper investigation to find out whether the person is a Nigeria citizen or not.The present day government is WEAK and can not issue strong orders when it has to do with the right of Nigerians both home and abroad. See how much money the Indians, Chinese and Americans are making from this great country, Nigeria… When last did we hear that the Nigerian government deported people from other countries? But Nigerians can be deported in their own country. The issue of racism that we are making noise about is already living with us, yet we can not see it. A man from the North can raise a gun and kill his from the South, what a pity. Let us settle our home and love one another first, only then can we fight those who fight against us. We can not fight those who fight against us successfully when there is an unknown enemy amongst us. Finally, as citizens of this great country, we must search our conscience properly and remove our hands from evil, slow down a little on the way we go about this WEALTH thing. My parents we always say to me, “son, remember the child of who you are” I rest my case.

  • Has she lied ? Cos not I will hail her cos its a slap on the leaders face they steal and send their children abroad with I’ll gotten wealth.They celebrate money and do not instill valhe .she did not finish her insult she should have added (a nation whose leaders are thieves and animals in human skin people who lie andd destroy and oppressed its own whose children and mistresses and gigolo live better loves than the average nigerians .whose aim is to keep money in banks for even their great grand children yet unborn.who make hard work and honesty look like lies ……)
    The lady did no harm its is true and good that not me not you but the leaders of the nation are the ones insulted .They all make me sick and I pray each day that Solomon songs will come true in their lives they we store away but the one coming after them will not value any of it !! Vanity upon vanity

  • Just look at her pencil body and wrinkled face. Tell that ma’am that she just jealous of Nigeria and her black president #obama. She’s just an ugly bitch who craves for some recognition.

  • Just look at this ugly daughter of eve talking. Who taught us scamming??? Ain’t it part of the so called civilization that you guys brought to us?? If you hate obamacare, why not walk up to obama and tell it straight to his face and stop redirecting your anger to citizens of another country. Idjit.

  • wow, i would advice Nigerians not to react foolishly to what she said, and trow insults on American citizens who know nothing… she’s making a point, if we in this country can insult and abuse ourselfs then why not others… To me she was just saying the truth even though she lack manners.. Our government is so corrupt, we are great Nigerians, if we dont respect ourselves nobody would give us the respect we so crave… Proudly Nigerian, Proudly African.

  • I supported you Zozy she’s not insulting us we the 9ja people she’s insulting our fellow leaders for their uncare for security and life of the people, shame for you, and insha Allahu we have a good feature and good hope for 9ja and one day Nigeria will rise up insha Allah,up Nigerian.

  • When people begin to say some nasty things about u it shows that u’re making progress, nobody will say such about mali. Up 9ja! God has blessed us real good.

  • What my people dont understand is that 80% of american can not realy love Nigeria again because of our cordial relationship we have with China. yes that is true UP NAIJA GIANT OF AFRICA

  • Truth is bitter. Why persecute her for saying the truth. Tell us of any strater of this country that is completely free of corruption. We can not redeem our image by denying the truth. Even though not every individual in our country is a thief, the percentage of thieves in the country outnumbers the few good ones. May God helps us to accept the truth and seek for change of attitude.

  • Truth be told, she got some hard nail hitting points. Too many rotten apples are spoiling the lot and d federal government cant do ish from the federal level to the lowest level cus corruption is gradually becoming a norm. funny thing na we claim to holy pass

  • Guyz!why bordering yourselves about this woman,she just wanted to be noticed. And she has succeeded in doing that. She could be working for Sen.Ted Cruz.Anywayz,who knows.

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