SHOCKING: Boy, 13, Kills His Classmate and Friend Over Damaged Earphones in Kogi

Kogi Police apprehended a 13-year-old boy, Yinusa Halilu, for allegedly killing his friend and classmate, Mustapha Kazeem, 12, over a damaged earpiece.

policeThe Acting Commissioner of Kogi Police Austin Evakhabokun informed about this crime while briefing the journalists in Lokoja on November 18, Monday.

The ACP said that the fight ensued between the suspect and the deceased, both primary school pupils, when the suspect demanded the return of the earpiece he lent to the deceased.

Halilu told late Kazeem that the earpiece was damaged and demanded monetary compensation from him.

It has been learnt that the demand enraged the deceased, who reportedly called the suspect a thief, adding that this resulted in an exchange of hot words, as Halilu insisted on collecting the money by force.

Evakhabokun said that Kazeem became furious and rushed into the house, brought out a sharp cutlass and inflicted cuts on the suspect’s head.

He said that the suspect reportedly rushed to a nearby restaurant with his machete cuts and picked a sharp knife, with which he stabbed the deceased in the chest, leading to his death.

The suspect said that he borrowed the telephone earpiece from someone, saying that he insisted on replacing it since he did not know what to tell the owner.

Halilu said that the deceased hit him on his head with a machete, adding that in retaliation, he stabbed him in the chest, which led to his death.

It would be noted that both of the boys were friends and studied at Primary Five.


  1. Above 12 yrs of age, though, but can it be established that the suspect knows the consequences of his acts? If not, he not criminally triable in Law. Suffice it to state that he is, the probability of a exculpatory defence of ‘self defense is apparent. So sad a feud btw friends that took the other’s life. RIP, young guy.


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