SHOCKING: Bride Gets Dumped On Wedding Day, Gets Married To Guest To Avoid Shame

A woman was all set to marry the man of her dreams and, like a scene out of a bad romantic comedy, the dude bolts. So what’s a devastated bride to do? Well, why not marry some other guy in attendance.

images confused gal23-year-old Indian lady, P.Ponradha was already set to marry J.Sithiraivelu when plans changed.

The festivities were already underway when the bride’s family learned the groom had vanished after an argument with his family.

The bride’s family reportedly went into a frenzy, as a stopped marriage would affect the girl’s future..

The frenzy subsided, however, when a second man, 30-year-old relative of the bride named Sivakumar, volunteered to marry her instead.

The wedding then took place as per the schedule, much to the relief of the family. The other guests who had come there also congratulated and appreciated Sivakumar for his timely gesture.