Some Women Say The Darndest Things – Foluke Daramola

Actress Foluke Daramola started dating her husband while he was married to another woman. In a new interview she kinda blamed her husband’s ex-wife for leaving him because of his affair with her.

“In the first instance, did you read in the Bible that any of the people who were the apples of God’s eyes had one wife? As it is now, if Kayode goes ahead and impregnates a woman, will I leave him because of that? If I decide to leave my home because my husband is dating another woman or impregnated a woman, who will lose, my husband or me? At the end of the day, it is the woman that owns the home and you hold it the way you want to hold it. So, if my husband is misbehaving and I decide to quit, I shouldn’t blame another person for coming in”