Strike: ASUU’s Aim Is Bringing Down Jonathan’s Government


Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswam, has alleged that the strike embarked upon by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) was aimed at bringing down the government of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Suswam, who is the chairman of the Federal Government’s Needs Assessment Committee for Nigerian Universities said: “ASUU’s leadership is determined that PDP government must be brought down and the easiest way to do it is ensuring that every family is affected. And so, the Nigerian family will simply say, ‘look, to keep this government in place, our children will be out of school. So it is better that we kick this government out and bring another government.’

“That is all they are doing. There is nothing to it. Otherwise, the Federal Government has touched on all the requests that led to the strike by ASUU. They have no basis rather than playing politics with the strike and then holding the nation hostage and destroying the future of this country.”

Speaking further, Suswam said, “I feel that if it is not that they have introduced politics, you know people can’t say that they don’t have political leanings. ASUU’s leadership, we know where they are standing in this whole political process. They can’t deny that they are sympathising with opposition parties and they are determined to destroy the PDP government. That is what they are doing and it is nothing more than that.”

The Benue State governor, who had attended several meetings with ASUU on government side, said the nine issues raised by the academic union had been attended to, though not 100 per cent.

He said: “I think that it is unfair. And I keep saying it that they have introduced politics into it. It’s purely political. There is no way that any person can say any other thing. It is just to portray the government in bad light so that people will say that you have a government that is not capable of keeping the children in school. That is pure politics. There is nothing more to it because if you present nine issues and all of them have been attended to, even if not attended to 100 per cent, at least you should appreciate that efforts have been made and you should say that it is okay because this has been done.

“There were a lot of issues that were presented. Constitution of governing councils has been done; they said they should help them set up pension administrator, N250 million was given to them; they said they wanted the properties of universities handed over to them, government said go and form companies and compete, we will do that. You know a couple of other things, the need assessment, an initial N100 billion has been distributed.

“The retirement age, they say they don’t want to retire at 65, it has been approved, all the academic staff in the university retire at 70. Earned allowance, out of N57 billion, N30 billion has been given.”

Suswam said the issue that had kept the universities closed were not because government could not pay salaries but the earned allowances, adding, “Academic staffs of universities collect more than civil servants in this country…. They have been paying that consistently and nobody is being owed salary. These are issues of allowance.

“This earned allowance; it is not every lecturer in the university that is entitled to it. So, why must it be a reason why you keep the children out of school? It doesn’t make sense and I am surprised most Nigerian are looking at this differently. If in a nation, the whole leaders of tomorrow are being kept out of school, then its means that in future, you can imagine the kind of leaders we would have.”

Suswam spoke of how seriously he took his responsibility as the chairman of the Needs Assessment committee, saying, “Out of this three weeks, may be I spent like just four days in Benue because I was determined that we must raise money for this Needs Assessment. And within those three weeks, that committee which I chaired was able to raise the N100 billion, which has since been shared. Once we shared that money, this people (ASUU) moved to other areas; which is issue of earned allowances, which was being handled by the SGF”, he told Thisday in an interview.


  1. This is the man that dont even know the value of education.when even benue state primary school teachers are on strike for your failure to implement minimum u are playing politics.

  2. Suswam & co should sell Oduah’s BMW to sort out ASUU. IGP should also collect from Farouk Lawal the $620m he stole and fund Nigeria education.

  3. Mr governor has spoken really well,this Asuu issue has been politicized.imagine dat the allowances received by lecturers are enough to pay secondary and primary school terachers and other civil servants.that’s why they keep insisting upon all the billions given to them already.fonfoju akpa!!!!

  4. Suswam should be asked why schools are on strike in Benue state; my state. none implementation of the minimum wage. if he thinks the masses sympathise with asuu that he alleged has romance with opposition. then they the PDP had better think twice, and ask why. why are the people getting behind the opposition? it is simply because we are tired of being fed up with pdp. and their none performance. where is our #500billion sure-p money???

  5. Suswan U claim dat the on going asuu strike is bent on bringing down gej’s administratn. U guys den shud prove to all nigerians dat Ur administratn is strong by implementing the 2009 agreement reached btw fg/asuu. And stop weeping sentiment

  6. he is absolutely right. this strike is aimed towards destabilizing GEJ’s government. bokoharam isnt enough for them, @ 2015 now those who arranged in this calamity will come out saying that their aim is to bring peace to Nigeria, while they are the blood suckers seeking for power @ all cost. up Goodluck Jonathan you shall win 2015 election. we know all these are temptation from ur oppositions. im solidly behind you.

  7. Dnt mind him,his a coward and ds s were we mostly av problem in Nigeria d platform we ley for most of our progrm Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ nt justify wif d most of d ppl we put incharge. Imagin somebody dt can nt govern his own state well how D̶̲̥̅̊o u espect him τ̅☺ manage national afair problem.

  8. Suswam had better shut up his mouth if he has nothing meaningful to say rather than play to the gallery.If this happens,they will say it is opposition,that happens it is opposition.Why can’t your PDP led administrstion at all levels be competent enough to warrant even we the electorate to be the one defending you as a result of your good works?It is quite ironic and comical that during suswam’s negotiation with the striking lecturers,even civil servants in his state are on strike.*smh for a clueless man.

  9. This Suswan is a liar nd a coward 4 making this speech nd Asuu will be a greedy nd a callous union if they fail to call of this strike by monday…i dnt take side

  10. Its no suprise that Suswam is making this baseless acquisition against
    ASUU.Suswam is a drowning man trying
    catch a straw. He is a failure to his state `Benue` and Nigeria at large. The education Ministry in his home state are on strike before ASUU due to the failure of implementing the minimum wage. Suswam is dancing
    to the piper’s tune therefore
    Want to make an excuse for himself
    and pay master the PdP Government. What does ASUU stands to benefit or not to benefit for who so ever is in charge? I want to put is straight to Mr Suswam that ASUU remains one of the most credible Association, not partisan not political, intelligent enough that cannot be intimidated or Fooled around with. The nation are with ASUU on their struggling to sanitise the Nigerian Universities. Not only the PDP but all previous Governments have failed the educational sector if GEJ is unable to put it right there’s no harm giving the chance to someone or somebody who will user us with the desirable change we needed for long.

  11. I pity for we Nigerian suswan just told us what happen when he was chairing the assessment committee, why must they ask to buy of government property like hostel, lecture hall etc. it’s is greed that has befalling the lecturers why not go and contest for elective position rather than accusing the elected with jumbo pay. Try and contest even councillor and see the amount you spend and how will you cover up if not with the jumbo pay or you are happy that they steal

  12. Suswam, you are a disgrace to the human community. If this is type of people that Nigeria have as members of sensitive programmes like NEEDs, then is so pathetic that the country is getting down. May GOD see Nigeria Through with visionary Leaders.

  13. please, tell Suswan or what he calls his name to bury his head in shame and stop trying to gain public sympathy the ‘Nigerian’ way. We have not forgotten how he proposed to build a bed space for 2.14 million naira as well as other issues. The N100billion he talked about, where is it? it has not been released and yet he said they have distributed the money to the schools. I wish ASUU respond to him adequately. If he is not performing, he should be voted out even though we know people like them will always rig themselves to power. If ASUU strike is about the opposition, then the govt should shame the opposition instead you are spreading false information. Cheap blackmailer.

  14. suswan is a foolishman. occultic. thief.killer.see your nothing benue. remove the log of wood in your eye before the speck in another.idiot. pig!

  15. Asuu are selfish, self centered and fools. They are only using student to play politics. Playing politics with this strike. They are bound to destroy the future of the student and this country. I believe with the 220billon they suppose to have call of this strike if really they are fighthing for the students. You can not keep the student at home for 5month and say you are fighthing for them. You are destroying their future. This show i dont care attitude. I belive by now anybody that is in support of assu must be foolish and ignorant.

  16. U man calling urself babylon, y must u abuse ppl 4 saying their opinion while u are saying urs? U shld even go to schl b4 u spk in public bcs ur grammar stinks.

  17. Asuu shuld pls just call off dis strike,federal govt shuld be sincere n asuu shuld not play politics cos it might d turn of one of dem to be on dat seat of power…may d soul of prof.festus,asuu formal president rest in peace…amen

  18. Suswam,people are asking questions
    1.Did you forge your certificates?
    2.Did you complete your law degree?is your name in the graduating class at the law school as you claimed?
    3.What is happening to primary education in benue state?
    4.Where is the 500 billion naira sure-p money?
    5.Where is the october salary of benue state university teaching hospital staff?


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